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November sees new import regulations

NEW REGULATIONS governing the import of companion dogs and cats into France are to take effect from November 2nd 2002.

Although the regulations apply only to animals from non-EU countries and the USA, it is pertinent to note that the French are the first nation to implement a new EU directive which will apply to all nations throughout the EU with effect from next year – with the exception of the UK and Southern Ireland who retain quarantine for animals from non designated countries.

The new regulations for animals entering France from countries outside the EU require the following:

Rabies vaccination
Rabies antibody blood test
Health Certificate

Animals may then only enter France three months after the blood test. Crucially, the blood tests may only be carried out at the French Laboratory in Nancy. And, in helpful Gallic style, all certification MUST be in French for pets arriving from outside the EU.

Regulations for dogs and cats entering France from the UK under the PETS passport system remain largely unchanged. UK pets require the following:

Rabies vaccination
Blood test
PETS Re Entry Certificate

Dogs and cats from the UK entering France for permanent residence require the following:

DEFRA Export Certificate signed by a LVI Veterinary Surgeon
Microchip or Tattoo (which must be registered in France after arrival)
Rabies vaccination (at least 30 days prior to entry) if the dog or cat is to travel within France

Dogs and cats entering France from other EU countries require the following:

Veterinary Certificate of Health
Rabies vaccination certificate
Microchip or tattoo