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New OUR DOGS show planner!

David Cavill was approached by a senior judge at one of the summer shows who suggested that although the Our Dogs pocket diary was the best (understandable - it is of excellent quality and more accurate that any of the others!) there was not enough space for judges to fill in forthcoming appointments on the appropriate page. She also suggested it would be helpful if the forward planning section allowed appointments to be placed in a specific year so that they did not get muddled.

As the 'listening newspaper' he naturally took it up with the Our Dogs stationery team that handles the diaries and pedigree forms, judges’ books, stud and puppy sales’ books and the like only to find that they had already designed a show planner that exactly fulfils all those requirements and then some.

Published in association with Panacur, it replaces the old and more expensive Our Dogs A5 Desk Diary that just duplicated the material in the Pocket Diary with a new format that exhibitors and judges will find extraordinarily useful. As well as listing all the championship shows and the major special events in the UK, Ireland and Europe it has details of international trade shows, sheepdog trials and all the closing dates of the UK shows.

It also comprises useful addresses (with spaces for you to add your own), a show and judging record, a breeding record (with a whelping chart), stud service record, club subscription reminders and a vaccination and worming record. The most helpful pages, of course, are the double page spreads that are given for each month that include the entries closing and championship show dates (including which group is on which day) throughout the year.

At the end, there is ample forward planning space for 2003, 2004 and 2005 - all for just £3.50 at the Our Dogs Stand and £3.99 (UK) by mail order from the Our Dogs Books Department, 5 Oxford Road Station Approach, Manchester, M60 1SX.

You could also ring Fiona on 0161-237 1273

or order it direct from the online shop on this website