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European threat to pet product adverts

THE EU is considering a potential ban on advertising of prescription only medicines and products to the general public – which could include veterinary products such as flea treatments, wormers etc.

The Pharmaceutical Package (‘Veterinary Regulation’) was scheduled to be debated and voted on in the Plenary Session of the European Parliament on Tuesday last (22 October) in Strasbourg.

As it stands, the Package includes a proposal for the ban on advertising of prescription only products to the general public – and, unless clear exemptions are made, this could also include veterinary products.

FEDESA (the European Federation for Animal Health) has been working hard to try to get amendments retabled – to ensure that this does not happen, as pet owners need access to up-to-date information on animal medicines.

The proposals are also being discussed in parallel by the Council of Ministers, so there will be an opportunity to discuss the potential impact with the UK’s DEFRA after the tight EP deadline.