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EuroDog show 2002 attracts 11,253 dogs!

In less than three weeks, more than 11,200 dogs will gather for the largest canine exhibition ever organised in France, the EuroDog Show 2002.

According to the statistics provided by the French Kennel Club – the Société Centrale Canine – the Euro Dog 2002, which will take place in Le Bourget, near Paris, on November 9, 10 and 11, will very likely be a success for French dog fancy.

Indeed, more than 12,000 dogs are currently entered, and will soon be listed in the three catalogues of the show. This figure represents a participation record for a FCI European show. It’s important to note that many entries kept on coming after the entry deadline, which was set on October 1. Finally, the deadline was pushed back to October 14, but entry forms were still coming at the offices of the French Kennel Club the day after!

The Euro Dog is a European championship, but also a French Championship. In November 2001, for the SCC Championship in Le Bourget, the winner of the Best In Show had been the Komondor male Jaszkiseri Kocos Csupor belonging to MM. Korozs and Dobai, under the judgement of the expert François Striby.

For the exhibitors, the stakes are double: indeed, there is a title of French Championship for the CACs, and a title of European Champion for the CACIB. Although there are only two groups on Monday, this will represent 45 % of all the dogs entered. readers will recall that when France had organised the FCI World Championship in 1974, there were only 2,930 dogs in four days.

In certain groups, breeds like the Black Russian Terriers (90 entries) or the Cane Corso (125 entries) have unusual number of dogs entered. On the other hand, other breeds are less lucky, like the German Shepherd Dogs, with less than 410 dogs. Actually, Peter Messler, the SV president, who was initially invited to judge, will finally not come because of the too small number of German Shepherd Dogs.

The foreign participation is very important, with Italy and Russia as the leading nations. Most of the eastern Europe countries are also very well represented. Let’s note that the two previous editions had not drawn as many dogs as this year’s edition: there were less than 1,500 dogs in Tel Aviv and around 8,800 in Poznan. Last point: who will succeed to August Strong Sensibility, the Kerry Blue shown by Miss Volkova (Russia), which had won the Best In Show in Tel Aviv for the European Championship 2001? To find out, just be near the main ring on the afternoon of Monday November 1!

Here are a few figures about the Euro Dog 2002:

Number of entries per day:

Saturday November 9, 2002, Groups 4, 6, 7 and 8: 2,308 dogs.
Sunday November 10, 2002, Groups 1, 3, 5 and 6: 3,918 dogs.
Monday November 11, 2002, Groups 2 and 9: 4,929 dogs.

The most popular breeds in le Bourget:

1) Schnauzer (all sizes): 455
2) Dachshund (all sizes): 336
3) Poodle (all sizes and colours): 272
4) Rottweiler: 258
5) Great Danes (all colours): 250
6) Cavalier King Charles: 247
7) Labrador: 218
8) Chihuahua (long and smooth coat): 197
9) Golden Retriever: 192
10) Dobermann: 179
11) Pug: 146
12) Coton du Tuléar: 143
13) Boxer: 142
14) English Cocker: 140
15) French Bulldog: 132
16) Belgian Shepherd Dogs (four varieties): 130
17) Cane Corso: 125
18) Borzoï: 115
19) American Cocker: 102
20) West Highland White Terrier: 101

The most represented countries:

1) France
2) Italy
3) Russia
4) Belgium
5) Netherlands
6) Spain
7) Germany
8) Czech Republic
9) Hungary
10) Switzerland