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 Junior Stakes Finals 2002 - Judge's Report

Judge’s report - Zena Thorn Andrews

HAVING ATTENDED these prestigious finals several times in the past 8 years I was prepared in some way for the slickness of the organisation, the high quality of the exhibits and most of all, the intricacies of the judging. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is left to chance!

Held in the fabulous surroundings of an ancient house with very generous hosts.

Nick Poole is the Commercial Director of Petplan Insurance, overseeing everything that guests could possibly need for their comfort. Show Manager, Keith Young, who went through the proceedings in the finest of details with the judges. Jill Peak, busy in the background, who does so much work throughout the heats during the year, and of course two of my favourite people ever to co-judge is Clare Coxall and Michael Quinney. We seemed to be very much in agreement and we finished with a splendid line-up.

Andrew Brace, commentator, kept us all in suspense as none of us knew how the others had marked up the finalists for the three points available for that extra ‘Star Appeal’. The very popular winner sent forward from manchester show by Geoff Corish was the most beautiful Akita bitch owned by Matthew Bostock, Ch ruthdales Personal Vendetta. What a performance and what style and conformation. She captured all our hearts. The runners up all most beautiful dogs and many having made their marks already in the ring.

A lovely day in the wonderful British countryside at one of our true heritage sights. Go for a visit if you are near Castle Ashby!

Judge’s report - Clare Coxall

IT WAS a great privilege to be asked to do this unique event.

As far as a judge is concerned it was a challenge. I have never graded by number before, after the first few days I settled into a pattern that satisfied me. It was a pleasure to be in the company of my co-judges and between us I really felt we did a good job albeit far from on easy task. The dogs in the final placings, were really of the best, from the winner down.
Akita, Norwich T, Cocker, Am Cocker and Dalmatian.

The castle it was held in was just perfect. Nothing was overcooked, the hospitality, organisation, the whole event was superbly thought out. Overall the quality of the dogs that qualified was extremely high.