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 Junior Stakes Finals 2002 - Photo Special

Winner of the 2002 Petplan Junior Stakes final
was matthew Bostock’s Akita Ch Ruthdales Personal Vendetta
under judges Mrs Clare Coxall, Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews and Mr Michael Quinney

Fourth in the final was the American Cocker Afterglow Colour Me Cute for Nasailleen owned by Lisa & Leanne Bryant

Petplan Commercial Director Nick Poole welcomes competitors and guests to Castle Ashby

On the microphone once again at the event was that well known half centurion Andrew Brace

‘Caged’ but still supporting three dogs bred by him at the event was Mike Gadsby

Judges Michael Quinney, Clare Coxall and Zena Thorn-Andrews assess movement

In the third place was Sandy Platt’s cocker spaniel Sh Ch Charbonnel Lynette JW.

Nick Poole, commercial director of Petplan Mrs June Young and Mr Keith Young with Jenny Perks of Petplan. Mr & Mrs Young who have stewards for the event for many years have retired and accepted gifts of food hampers in appreication of their work over the years

Runner up was Lesley Crawley’s Norwich Terrier Ch Ragus The Inquisition

Judges Michael Quinney, Zena Thorn-Andrews and Clare Coxall accept their thank you gifts from Petplan’s senior staff

Mr Peter Jolley and Mrs Liz Stannard

Zena Thorn-Andrews judges the Dalmatian Haiths Hallmarked By Sophtspot owned by Jacqui Christie

Clare Coxall assesses the Whippet spyanfly Say It’s Bardo owned and bred by Pauline Oliver