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Nidderdale Show Feature

Best In Show was Susan Butterfield’s Shar Pei
Forgevalley Pause And Pose For Chequerpei, seen here with (l-r) Lorraine Webb
(AVNSC Utility judge), Show Manager Stewart Irving and BIS judge Sheila Sadler

Phew! What a show, always a good one but better still this year, great sponsors. Beautiful sunny weather. Gorgeous location in Beverley Park at Pateley Bridge. Lovely sized well mown rings. Crowds all day long, lots of exhibitors enjoying the day out at this, their favourite show. Our Dogs chose this show as one of its “Featured Events” and I can see why! Huge entry of almost a thousand from 176 classes. Quality dogs throughout, who are the people that continually expound that dogs at Open shows are not of sufficient quality? Rubbish!

Visit this show and have your mind changed. Superb band of hard working Stewards; Judges that came to enjoy themselves, not just to fulfil an appointment. It is said Open Shows are in decline - those that are should come and take note.

Brian Maurice Webb

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Reserve Best In Show was Colin Gullon’s Pug Barnfall Glam N Glitz
pictured with judge Sheila Sadler and Show Manager Stewart Irving

Best Puppy In Show was Mr P Sharp & Miss A Moslin’s Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervuren)
and Reserve Best Puppy was G, C & V Harrison’s Miniature Schnauzer
Yazuka Miss Teeq For Tanoshee. Also in the picture
are Chief Steward Maurice Webb (l) and John Crossley (AV Pastoral judge).


Firstly my sincere apologies to all exhibitors for the shortness of my report, due to a very quick and unexpected close bereavement after returning from Nidderdale. I deemed it a great honour to be asked to judge Best in Show as such a wonderful and idyllic venue, and for such a super entry including the Steers who thought they would also like my opinion. The very hardworking officers and committee made sure that everything ran very efficiently and greatly added to the pleasure for me. Thank you. My BIS. was the Shar-Pei. Superb example of the breed in all departments. Head that fits. the standard to perfection. Good solid body in hard muscular condition. Moved with purpose and control, at one with the handler. Could not deny this one Best in Show. A privilege to judge. Not surprised to hear his Third BIS in the last month. Res Best in Show was the Pug, who even after a long day still pushed to the limit. A super dog, should do much winning. Best Puppy in Show was the Belgium Shepherd.

Although very much a baby has much going for it. Super head and perfection in ear. Good neck and shoulder into good tight body. Handled so well for its owner. Will watch this one’s progress. Res Best in Show. was the Miniature Schnauzer. Smart little dog in good coat and condition. Alert expressive attitude. Sound in movement both forward and aft. Handled well. It was gratifying to see so many staying for BIS and to have the applause for the winners.

Thank you to all. C.K.C.S. BOB was Richardson’s, Rosemonde Voyager at Krigleholme. Showy dog. Good typy head, good body. Nice dentition. Moved well with style. BP was Leach’s, Miletree Kentucky Mystery at Ouzlewell. Nice baby with much promise. Good body in good muscular condition. Coat coming nicely. Could have a bright future. PAPILLON BOB was Verity’s, Sunshoo Jeremy Fisher. Quality head, well coated and set ears. Good neck and shoulders. Good tail set and moved soundly. BP. was Mosshevid’s, Talk of the Town at Delphlands. Nice baby, good head, nice expression. Very alert. Good neck and shoulders.

Showed well.
POMERANIAN BOB and BP and B/AV TOY. Thornton’s, Valder’s, Midget Gem. Wolf sable in full coat. Beautiful head with small neat ears, good alert expression. Best of fronts, well boned. Moved and showed like a veteran. CHIHUAHUA LONG COAT was Entwistle’s, Dorenty Daband Dennis. Sure the name fits. Personality plus. Good firm body. Lovely head, good shaped tail. Moved as all from this kennel with showmanship. CHIHUAHUA SMOOTH COAT was Entwistle’s, Ch. Nokemded Norman. A most worthy Champion as always from this kennel. Correct head fine well laid shoulder. Super fit body, good tail. Moved as always with good sound movement both fore and aft. Pushed hard all day for top honours. A privilege to go over. AV TOY was Gullen’s, Barnfall Glam and Glitz. Well turned out Pug who had everything for me on the day. Lovely head, beautiful ears, balanced from head to toe.

Expression and personality demanded attention. Correct body, good tail. Right Pug movement front and back. One I would love to own. Judged fairly, must have a bright future. Was delighted to award her BAV TOY and RBIS. V STAKES was Gullen’s, Hutzpah Honeysuckle. Was a little disappointed in the dentition cleanness of many of the otherwise super veterans. A little time taken with the teeth now saves a lot of trouble later in life, and adds to the well kept condition of the dog. My Best Veteran I find is mother to my Res Best in Show. A quality bitch of 8 years. Not surprised of the quality she produced. Good head, nicely placed shoulders. Still with good front and rear end. Good tail. Moved well and well bodied. AV BRACE. The most beautiful Brace class I have seen for a long time. I wish I could have placed them all first, and I really had to split hairs. 1. Two litter brothers, Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, that had it together. Looking and moving as if they joined at the hip with the handler. Poetry in motion.

Sheila Sadler

LABRADOR. This was the best entry of Labradors numerically and quality I’ve seen at an Open Show for a while. It was a pleasure to judge this quality in a lovely country on a true summers day. PD/B. (2). 1. Booth’s, Stormley Peter. BP. Black, strongly made, short coupled. Moved well. Masculine head but with no signs of coarseness. Good shoulders, balanced all round with strong quarters. 2. D’arcys’s, Rhodenash Artful Alice. JD/B. (8). 1. Allstack’s, Allstack Blue Moon. Res BOB. Black dog. Balanced head, good front, strong well turned stifles which he used to advantage on the move. Flowing around the ring in the challenge. 2. Rushby’s, Dormic Aurthur Bells. 3. Lambert’s, Ravenshall Heirloom with Harrop. GD/B. (8). 1. Charlton’s, Foxrush Delilah. One for Tom to sing about. Black of quality. Balanced outline, she retained on the move. Lovely clean cut head. Straight front, well laid shoulders. Good spring of rib, balanced all round. 2. Parr’s, Stoneavon Forever Misty. 3. Hey’s, Amberstope Chanel at Chrislan. PGD/B. (5). 1. Charlton’s, Foxrush Blue Velvet. Black and dam of one above. Many similar comments apply, but obviously more mature with strong quarters. Coat and condition too. A days work on the N Yorkshire Moors. 2. Parrs’, Stoneavon Maid of the Mist. 3. Allstacks Ravenshall Wine Truffle for Allstack. OD. (6). 1. Barlow’s, Braunspath Discovery JW. My one Yellow in the line-up. Sire of the Grad winner. Obviously a worthy JW. Lovely masculine head, good front, strong quarters. Moved round the ring in the class with style and drive, but not in the challenge. 2. Parr’s, Chewbacc. It was a day of close seconds for this quality kennel. 3. Hey’s, Chrislan Moonsong. OB. (9). 1. Charlton’s, Foxrush Blue Sapphire. BOB. Full sister to B Velvet. Black of quality and so much breed type, in coat and otter tail. Lovely feminine head, straight front, well placed shoulders, spring of rib and powerful quarters. She flowed round the ring with reach and drive. Easy BOB and told later just gained her title. 2. Lambert’s, Harrop Pure Silk. 3. A Chanel at C. GSP. Following the breed at Mid-Western Gundog I was slightly disappointed here. PD/B. (4). 1. Allerton’s, Collwarwick Discovery for Eshaldwell. BP. Clean cut head, good outline and well co-ordinated on the move in typical GSP style. 2. Drew’s, Delahawk Michigan. 3. Cooke’s, Isara Kurzharr Dateline. JD/B. (6). 1. Scanlon’s, Eshaldwell Harris Tweed. BOB. L/w dog with short back, standing over ground. Lovely clean head, graceful outline. Sloping shoulders. Powerful hindquarters and quality mover. He has an HPR name to live up to. 2. Davison’s, Seek Infront. 3. I K Dateline. PGD/B. (4). 1. Mercer’s, Symondsdean Uuiskaupunki. Had the right attributes with graceful outline. Clean head balanced throughout and moved with characteristic thoroughbred appearance. 2. Allerton’s, Eshaldwell New Statesman. OD/B. (7). 1. Scanlon’s, Booton Phantom. L/w with typical head. He moved well from good quarters and well handled. I just preferred overall balanced of kennel mate in the challenge. 2. Mercer’s, Symondsdean Rum Truffles. 3. Drew’s, Delahawk Cracker.

Ray Scholes

BORDER TERRIER It was a pleasure to judge at this Agricultural show, set in the heat of the Yorkshire Dales. The views were spectacular and the efforts of all concerned in organising this prestigious event were amply rewarded with sunny weather, ensuring exhibitors and spectators alike enjoyed their day out. P. (5). 1. Hardman’s, Bonosue Ozymandious. BP. Promising puppy dog. Well presented in good coat with correct construction. Lovely head, eye, mouth and tail set. Correct spannable rib and lively and sound on the move. 2. Titin’s, Riseburn Newsprint. 3. Moss’s, Daybreak Sunshine at Vallemoss. J. (3). 1. Willett’s, Hanway Its My Life. Bitch of handy size. Well presented in good coat with correct head, neck and ear. Sound on the move with sprightly gait. 2. James’s, Blackmine Silver Swallow. G. (2). 1. Hardman’s, Spanwise Hollyberry. Sound bitch, alert and interested in surroundings. Good ear, eye and mouth. Correct spannable rib and strong loin. Well presented and sound on the move with lively even gait. 2. Howitt’s, Badgerholme Eber Venture at Darboral JW. PG. (4). 1. Tutin’s, Riseburn Touch of Gold. Well presented dog in good coat and general condition. Lovely head, teeth, ear, neck and shoulder. Well ribbed with good tail set and sound on the move with correct action. 2. Heathcote’s, Saxheath Slick Chick. 3. Howitt’s, Badgerholme Eber Venture at Darboral JW. O. (5). 1. Dickinson’s, Badgerholme Bechers Brook. BOB. Elegant dog beautifully presented with correct head, eye, mouth and ear. Good coat with excellent neck, shoulder and rib. Moved with purpose, drive and correct action. 2. James’s, Blackmine Wings of Gold. 3. Hardman’s, Bonosue Queen of the Nile.

PARSON RUSSELL TERRIER. P. (6). 1. Philo’s, Parruss the Fidlas Son. BP. Well balanced puppy dog. Lovely head, eye, mouth and ear. Correctly constructed with good length of neck and well angulated shoulder. Impressive topline and tail set. Good spannable strong loin and correct rough coat. Sound on the move with lovely action. 2. Doyle’s, Alne Master Piece of Ilexquercus. 3. Copping’s, Alne Miss Teedawn Rutaaro. J. (4). 1. Copping’s, Alne Master Craftsman Rataaro. Rough coated dog with correct neck, shoulder and topline. Well angulated throughout. Moved soundly with some style. 2. Steel’s, Meet Joe Black. PG. (2). 1. Doyle’s, Furritus F-fur Vessence of Ilexquercus. Attractive bitch with good head, eye, mouth, shoulder and rib. A happy balanced bitch that moved soundly with style and purpose. 2. Edward’s, Hetswick Brook. O. (5). 1. Gibney’s, Gudaljara Nighthawk. BOB. Dog of good type presented in hard condition and balanced throughout with correct head, eye, mouth and ear. Lovely neck, shoulder, rib and loin. Moved soundly with drive and purpose. 2. Edward’s, Heyswick Brock.

AVNSC TERRIER. O. (9). 1. Holroyd’s, Ballroyd Bewitched. Welsh Terrier Best AVNSC. Neat, workmanlike bitch with tight wiry coat. Well balanced and compact with perfect regular scissor bite. Small dark expressive eye and well set. Neck of good length, slightly arched with graceful sloping shoulder. Short back well ribbed. A well balanced bitch with good hocks, ample bone and sound on the move demonstrating fair reach and drive. 2. Pott’s, Adreesam Aigh Vie Bollan. SBT. 3. Ashton’s, Kenmillone Blackberry. Airedale Terrier.

AV TERRIER. P. (5). 1. Philo’s, Parruss the Fidlas Son. PRT. 2. Hardman’s, Bonosue Ozymandious. Border Terrier. 3. Hardman’s, Spanwise Hogwarts Castle. Border Terrier. PG. (10). 1. Rice and Seymour’s, Duchmorn Dusty William. WFT. Best AV Terrier. Smart dog, active and lively with excellent well balanced outline. Good head and mouth, dark small eye full of fire with intelligent expression. Clean muscular neck and correct slope of shoulder. Sound on the move with good reach and drive. Presented in quality coat and general condition. 2. Hardman’s, Spanwise Hollyberry. Border Terrier. 3. Ashton’s, Kenmillone Blackberry. Airedale Terrier. O. (8). 1. Hardman’s, Bonosue Queen of the Nile. Border Terrier. Bitch presented in hard condition with quality coat and sound construction. Good mouth and sound movement. 2. Potts’, Adreeam Aigh Vie Bollan. SBT. 3. Goodman’s, Atlantic Storm. Manchester Terrier.

Mike Burdon

MINIATURE SCHNAUZER. J. (4). 1. Searson’s, Traphen Black Inca. Black dog 15 months old. So well balanced and sound with excellent outline and stance. Pleasing well proportioned head with good expression, moustache and whiskers. Clean slightly arched neck, well set into good shoulders, deep body with correct height to length ratio. Harsh jet black coat and very sound, free movement. Best of Breed and I understand was short listed for Best in Show. 2. Harrison’s, Yakuza Miss Teeq for Tanoshee. 7 months old bitch puppy of excellent type. Very feminine with sound movement. Best Puppy in Breed. 3. Fawcett’s, Braywick Il Fantasma at Dragonwich. PG. (3). 1. Searson’s, Traphen Black Inca. 2. Calpin’s, Deansbury Incantation. 3. Smith’s, Deansgate Citizen Smith. O. (4). 1. Calpin’s, Deasbury Harmony. 3 years old bitch with pleasing head, eye and expression. Excellent deep, well proportioned body. Harsh coat, p/s. Good outline and movement where she excelled over second but not quite the clean lines over neck and shoulder of the black. Res BOB. 2. Searson’s, Traphen Nothing Ventured. 3. Rudd’s, Ruddlands Must-Avim.

Freda N Marshall

DALMATIAN P. (3). 1. Gardner’s, Wrendragge Repetiteur. Bitch. Nicely spotted b/w bitch with a neat head, dark eye, well shaped ears. Nice length of neck, level topline with good tail carriage. Moved a bit close at rear. Just needs to body up. Enjoying her day out. BP. 2. Parkinson’s, Frankish Finnegan. Dog. J. (2). 1. Gardener’s, Wrendragge Reptiteur. G. (3). 1. Gardener’s, Wrendragge Repetiteur. 2. Goodman’s, Rieyonne Karantia. PG. (3). 1. Hartley’s, Miragua Dairy Milk. Bitch. Good head, dark eye, well set ears. Good length of neck. Neat body shape. Nice front and rear movement. Moved well. 2. Pickup’s, Roadcoach Rose Mantle. 3. Goodman’s, Rieyonne Karanita. O. (7). 1. Dinsdlae’s, Dalesbred Doodle Bug. Bitch. Lovely feminine head, dark eye, good ear shape and set. Nice length of neck into good shoulders. Neat body shape, level topline. Nice turn of stifle. Tight feet. Good tail carriage which she kept on the move. BOB. 2. Pickup’s, Roadcoach Rev En Rose. 3. Hartley’s, Miragua Charlotte.

R Hernandez

JAPANESE SHIBA INU. JD/B. (2). 1. Roskell and Turners’, Tokokysi a Different Beat. 9 months old well balanced male. Lovely dark almond shaped eyes. Forward inclining well set ears. Promoting required lively expression. A very nice puppy who should do well in the future. 2. Turner’s, Tokyishi Super Trouper. PG. (4). 1. Roskell’s, Code Red Via Rahima. 4 years old well balanced male. Good head with typical expression. So well put together in all departments. Soundly developed quarters, which he put to good use on the move, showing required energetic gait. 2. Handforth’s, Vormund Midnite Spook. 3. Motherdale’s, Rahima Bobimian Rhapsody at Amivike. O. (4). 1. Roskell’s, Rahima Beat out the Blues. 2 years old male in super condition, so very well presented and son of my Post Graduate winner. Beautifully balanced dog of high station. Had in my opinion all the required attributes of the breed. Moved very well with style and verve to take BOB. 2. Turner’s, Bothways Truly Smart.

ANY VARIETY UTILITY NSC. P. (4). 1. Storey’s, Kiethlins in Your Dreams. 6 months old black Miniature Poodle. Beautifully presented and handled to promote all her obvious qualities. Such a very sweet nature and one to be proud of. Very elegant with proud carriage. Lovely head well chiselled with strong foreface. Well laid shoulders, deep chest and well sprung ribs. Short back and well developed hindquarters. She covered the ground with plenty of drive. A very nice puppy. 2. Forsythe’s, Ribbleholme Dugal the Poogle. Miniature Poodle. 3. Harrison-Carson’s, Grandaven Mistys Choice. Miniature Poodle.

AVNSC UTILITY O. (8). 1. Butterfield’s, Forgevalley Pause and Pose for Chequerpei. Shar Pei. This 3 years old male made an immediate impression on entering the ring, promoting great style, quality and substance. What a super showman he is. Correct head with well padded lips and top of muzzle. Good ear set and dark almond shaped eyes, super pigmentation of mouth. Very good proportions to body, strong muscular hindquarters. Correct short bristly harsh coat. Was a joy to watch on the move. I was very pleased to see him win BIS, well done I wish him well in his assured future. 2. Calmaric Come What May. Miniature Poodle. 3. Harrison’s, Rienach Loadsa Class at Brendekllas. Lhasa Apso.

AV UTILITY P. (4). 1. Forsythias’, Ribbleholme Dugal the Poogle. Toy Poodle. 7 months old. Has all the required attributes. Well balanced head in proportion to size of body. Good length of neck, carrying head high. Short back, good loins. Well developed quarters, which he uses well on the move. 2. Harris-Carson’s, Grandavon Mistys Choice. Shit-Tzu. J. (3). 1. Reve’s, Springtime in Paris. Miniature Schnauzer. Well presented exhibit. Very clean well balanced outline. Lovely head qualities with good length. Medium stop, powerful muzzle. Broad deep chest, strong back. Moved very well indeed for her handler. A very worthy winner here. 2. Turner’s, Tokoyoshi Super Trooper. 3. Kent’s, Sonmar Naomi of Tatefield . O. (7). 1. Harrison’s, Yakuza Rock D J for Tanoshee. 2 years old Akita male when posed. Looked a picture in profile and I wasn’t disappointed on examination. A beautifully put together exhibit in super coat. Excellent shoulder placement, strong back leading to well developed hindquarters, which he used to advantage on the move. A super headed animal displaying all the required Akita features. A top class exhibit. Won this class with ease. 2. Harrison’s, Rienach Loadsa Class at Brendellas. Lhasa Apso. 3. Broughton’s, Love of my Life. Miniature Poodle.

Loraine Webb

ROUGH COLLIE If you’re ever asked to judge at this show or if you haven’t exhibited here, then do so. This was one of my most enjoyable appointments. The very hard working secretary Peter Broadbent and his team, and the beautiful surroundings made it a day to remember. P. (3). 1. Mickle’s, Takisis Back in Black. BP. Very mature for his age. Typical head, lots of substance which I hope he’ll grow into. 2. Mason’s, Glenspey Highland Minstrel. 3. Mickel’s, Takisis Lady Eliza. G. (5). 1. McLenahan’s, Shelfpark Parisien Sun. Only just out of puppy. He has a very good head, shoulder and topline, which he held on the move. 2. Jamesfair’s, Two Be Sure of Draycott. 3. McPherson’s, Corisian Cause a Stir. PG. (4). 1. McLenahan’s, Tiganlea Spring Time at Shelfpark. Another good quality one from this exhibitor. This 18 months old bitch has much to offer, and with her correct head, coat and conformation. Was unlucky to meet my Open winner for BOB. 2. Carristina Miz Celebration for Elshadine. 3. Hodgson and Marsden’s, Takhisis Top of the Glen. BOB. Won a very strong class. Little to fault. Well balanced, nice size, super condition. This one reminded me why I like this breed. 2. Savage’s, Carristina Silver Spirit. 3. Drewery’s, Aldermeade Special Edition at Elshadine. It goes without saying that all first prize winners were sound.

BULLMASTIFF. PG. (3). 1. Alderson’s, Aralders Baal Hill Dancer. A rich red. This bitch has a good head. Strong front and body with no sloppiness. Held her topline as she moved purposely. 2. MacDougall’s, So Far So Good by Kadcruf. 3. Bailey’s, Aldorika Bronte. O. (3). 1. Alderson’s, Aralders Ball Hill Trouper. This rich red dog has the same good points as his PG winning litter sister, but on the move he showed that extra drive to take BOB.

ROTTWEILER P. (5). 1. Lawrance’s, Elantiz Red Rose. 7 months old bitch. What a little cracker. Excellent head, neck and shoulder placement. Deep brisket, level topline and good rear angulation all carried on strong bone. Looked good both standing and on the move. Should have a good future. BOB and BP. 2. Simpson and Turnball’s, Wildheart Little Lies. 3. Elantiz Desert Orchid. PG. (2). 1. Greenwood’s, Yllig First Light. Preferred this dog to his litter sister. A substantial male of correct proportions, with a nice head carried on good neck and shoulders. 2. Greenwood’s, Yllig Pure Lite. O. (4). 1. Elantiz Peggy Sioux. Another nice one from this kennel but her precocious kennel mate. Just beat her for BOB. 6 years old bitch. Lovely head and conformation. Powerful but nevertheless very feminine.

AV WORKING P. 1. Leake’s, Dobermann, Telenndu Midnight Prophesy. 11 months old bl/t bitch. Level planes, good reach of neck. Deep brisket. Kept her good topline on the move. 2. Lawrence’s, Rottweiler, Elantiz Desert Orchid. 3. Palmer’s, Dobermann, Khaneve Cerrutis Image. O. (5). 1. Lawrence’s, Rottweiler, Elantiz Peggy Sioux. 2. Lucas’s, Newfoundland, Coltrana Fairy Tales.

AV PASTORAL P. (3). 1. Sharp and Moslin’s, Exuberant but handsome Tervueren, Kirstavin Bladerunner into Wildfire. What a superb puppy. Super head and eye. An abundance of coat and underneath good construction. Absolutely flew round the ring. 2. Errington’s, Border Collie, Hisburn Kelly. 3. Haslett’s, GSD, Jadasu Magie of Steveden. O. (20). 1. Mirecki’s, GSD, Wakanda Junior of Bollingbroke. My type of GSD. Nice almond eyes. Good head with strong muzzle. Well constructed allowing it to cover a lot of ground as it gaited round the ring. 2. Bird and Caden’s, BSD, Ch. Tanje Feels like Heaven JW. 3. Berry’s, Shetland Sheepdog, Simcourt Orawu.

Jon Crossley

DOBERMANN P. (5). 1. Morgan’s, Telenndu Midnight Thunder. 10 months old dog. Good head, nice reach of neck. Deep brisket and good topline. Should have a bright future. BP. 2. Palmer’s, Khaneve Cerrutis Image. 3. Wakefield’s, Glamadring Difficult to Cure. PG. (5). 1. Syke’s, Flashback Stark Reality of Khaneve. Masculine head with good eye shape. Correct shoulder, depth and topline. Moved well. Maybe needs to mature a little BOB. 2. Ainlet-Mileham’s, Jowendys Censored at Yelnia. 3. Morgan’s, Telenndu Midnight Mystique. O. (3). 1. Wakefield’s, Glamadring Prinz of Thieves. Good topline and tail set. Good depth of brisket and turn of stifle. Moved well.

COCKER SPANIEL P. (1). 1. Flynn’s, Zareepiott Delphinium. 8 months old bitch. A nice little baby. Pretty head, good conformation and moved well for age. J. (2). Morris’s, Jennobar Angel of Delight. Good head shape, sufficient bone, good coat, sound mover. 2. Margett’s, Sirrah Silver Sixpence. G. (4). 1. Lowery’s, Amaronne My Farther’s Eye. Good type, compact and square. Correct head and coat, super mover. Well handled. BOB. 2. Margett’s, Silver Spirit. 3. Reed’s, Piashona Simply the Best. PG. (3). 1. Lowery’s, Amaroanne My Farther’s Eye. 2. Margett’s, Willmerella Party Trick at Sirrah. O. (3). 1. Wade’s, Roandale Desiree. Nice feminine head, good angulation, depth and topline. Just preferred Gad winner for BOB. 2. Shackleton’s, Fonesse Felicia of Larano. I found some evidence of the “American” head creeping in. A thing to be watched!

Cynthia Withers

GOLDEN RETRIEVER P. (5, 1 abs.) A lovely class of puppies. 1. Binks’ Suekelle Show Me Love. Best Puppy. Best outline and angulation in the class. Lovely head proportions, masculine without coarseness. Nicely developed ribs, short loin, excellent bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Neat feet; moved true. 2. Gibson’s Alibren Queen of Clubs at Gemmarique. 3. Anderson’s Linchael Vivaldi. J (10, 3 abs.) 1. Grimmett’s Haydene Lone Ranger. Nicely made for 13 months. Excellent shoulders and hindquarters. Good depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Not carrying any excess weight. Nice head, eye and expression; good bone. Moved well but a little unsettled. 2. Suekelle Show Me Love. 3. Sim’s Hamcar Precious Love. G (6, 3 abs.) 1. Haydene Lone Ranger. 2. Suekelle Show Me Love 3. Magson’s Bridgefarm Voyager PG (11, 4 abs.) 1. Weightman’s Bellagold Spirited of Cornbrough. Res. BOB. Lively dog with pleasing head, eye and expression. Excellent shoulder and upper arm length; nice short couplings; very well sprung ribs and excellent bend of stifle. Moved well true infront and behind on neat feet. 2. Nelmes’ Paudell Pure Plantagenet. 3. Shaw’s Henwick Dawn Dew Drop. OD (10, 2 abs.) 1. Smith’s Pollingloch Paper Boy. BOB. Caught my eye when first moving around the ring, best mover in the class. Well balanced with lovely head and beautiful length of neck. Not heavy over shoulders; excellent layback of shoulder and length of upper arm. Pleasing bend of stifle; well sprung ribs and nice short loin. Moved well on neat feet, covering the ground well. 2. Copley’s Alibren Super Trouper with Emmabe. 3. Copley’s Hamcar Thunder Storm. OB (10, 6 abs.) 1. Copley’s Hamcar Sunshine Maiden. Nicely made bitch; possibly a little light in head but very feminine. Excellent angulation throughout; nice short coupling and sufficient bone. Moved very well infront and behind, really covering the ground well. 2. Hill’s Gunmarsh Zerina at Keichelle. 3. Barnes’ Shaphiron Entertainer.

ENGLISH SETTER J (4, 2 abs.) Two very nice youngsters, 1 was just better on the move. 1. Dykes’ Caleydene Special Prayer. Balanced outline; lovely feminine head with good reach of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Correct length of back with short couplings. Nice long first and second thighs. 2. Moorhouse’s Moorbrook Eleanor at Glinnis. PG (4, 2 abs.) 1. Caleydene Special Prayer. 2. Beadnell’s Caleydene Challenger. O (6, 4 abs.) Two nice dogs. 1. Moorhouse’s Kenandra A Tale To Tell at Glininnis. BOB. Won over 2 by the definition in his head. Nice neckline, good depth of chest and well developed over the loin. Nice length and width of second thigh. Good tailset and length of tail; sufficient bone. Moved well, really covering the ground well. 2. Beadnell’s Cotta William Tell.

ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL P (2, 1 abs.) 1. Rostron’s Ziphill Legal Bequest. Best Puppy. Nice 8 months baby, still a little shy. Lovely head proportions and nice earset. Good bone, spring of rib and lay of shoulder. Nice length of rear pastern. Movement at little erratic but will improve as she gains more confidence. PG (8, 4 abs.) 1 and 2 both very nice. 1. Calvert’s Calvdale Arrestable. BOB. Scored over 2 on bend of stifle and upperarm angulation. Very flashy in appearance with excellent neck and shoulders. Nice feminine head with lovely eye and expression. Well sprung ribs, well let-down hocks and sufficient bone. Moved true covering the ground well. 2. Long & Leeming’s Tryhard Enchanting Tri. 3. Dawson’s Gundrifs Miss Dee Meena. O (5, 2 abs.) 1. Calvert’s Calvdale Queens Evidence JW. Liver and white bitch in beautiful coat and condition. Well proportioned throughout with lovely feminine head and expression. Excellent length of neck, nice bone and good spring of rib. Good hindquarter angulation with well let down hocks. Correct topline and neat feet. 2. Long & Leeming’s Tryhard Doctor Devious. 3. Dawson’s Gundrifs Hurricane Henry.

WEIMARANER P (3, 1 abs.) 1. Hampshire’s Burntacre Auchentoshan. Best Puppy. Better mover than 2 at the moment. Nice head proportions, not too heavy. Good neck and shoudler placement and nice depth of chest. Excellent topline and overall balance. Neat feet and good bone. 2. Gatt’s Sireva Landlord. PG (5, 1 abs.) 1 & 2 both very nice but of different types. 1 was better on the move. 1. Howrth’s Gunalt Virtue at Caleydene. Lovely condition throughout. Beautiful elegant neck and shoulders. Good bone; sufficient length of ribcage and nicely developed over loin. Excellent length of upper and lower thighs. Nice feet and good depth of chest. 2. Milby’s Teguise Tender Touch. 3. Farrar’s Jakatella Blue Ribband. O (4) 1 & 2 both very nice. 1. Milby’s Teguise Time N Motion JW. BOB. Shown in excellent hard condition, not carrying an ounce of extra weight. Pleasing outline and construction fore and aft. Good bone, nice pasterns. Masculine head with nice eye and expression. Moved well infront and behind really covering the ground well. 2. Howarth’s Gunalt Suspense at Caleydene. JW. 3. Gatt’s Sireva Landlord.

POINTER J (1) 1. Kelly’s Peakdale Joy of Kelval. BOB. Lovely 17 months bitch with good head carriage and tail action on the move. Lovely head with good proportions. Sufficient bone. Nice length of neck, deep chest and good spring of rib. Nice length of upper and lower thigh. Good feet. O (3, 1 abs.) 1. Howson’s Hookwood Never a Dull Moment. Strong, upstanding dog with all the essentials. Nice head proportions, length of neck and lay of shoulders. Very deep chest; good length of upper and lower thigh. Moved well with lots of drive on good feet. 2. Howson’s Calderside My Girl.

AVNSC GUNDOG O (7, 2 abs.) 1. Stacey & Copeland’s Newfanova Nordic Xanadu. (Duck Tolling Retriever). Best AVNSC Gundog. Very smart dog with lovely masculine yet refined head with alert expression. Good coat with sufficient dense undercoat. Well angulated stifles, good neck and shoulders. Moved very soundly holding tail correctly. 2. Alliston’s Batruth Iced Crystal JW. (W.S.S.) 3. Knight’s Bareve Boulanvogue von Ritter (GWHP).

Kathy Gorman