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Westbury & DCS

Open show: September 15th 2002. Would exhibitors please note the following: Road Closures: The A36 Limpley Stoke Hill will be closed for 12 weeks from 9th September. The closure will extend from the top of Limpley Stoke Hill, just north of Midford Lane to the intersection of Lower stoke Road on the north side of the Limpley Stoke viaduct. In addition the A36 will be closed adjacent to the lay-by at the Dundas Aqueduct near Monkton Combe for three weeks. This closure will be at the same time as the Limpley Stoke Hill closure.

Diversion routes: Diversion routes will be clearly signposted along the following routes: Northbound - The northbound diversion will operate along the A350 from the A36/A350 junction at Warminster, via Westbury and Melksham, to the A350/A4 junction at Chippenham. At Chippenham the route will continue along the A4 to Bath. For traffic travelling beyond Bath, the diversion will continue along the A350 to the M4 (junction 170.

Southbound - The southbound diversion will follow the same route as the northbound diversion. Traffic will be diverted from Bath along the A4 and the A350 returning to the A36 at Warminster. Road signs: Additional signing will be placed on the M4 prior to junctions 17, 18, 19 warning of the A36 closure.

If exhibitors or judges (but these will of course be notified separately) have any queries, they should contact Marjorie Taylor, Hon Secretary on 01373 822958.