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Famous foxhound dies

The Foxhound, Peelhunt Mulberry at Harambee has been put to sleep to save further suffering, aged 11 years, writes Janet Nolan.

Mulberry was imported from Australia in 1991 and became the first ‘English’ Foxhound to appear in the Hound Group at Crufts, pioneering the way for his son, Harambee Murronga Canequiss who was fourth in Group at Crufts 96, and his daughter Harambee Mungala, five times BOB at Crufts and RBIS Houndshow 95.

From this hugely successful first litter (out of Peelhunt Opal), also came Australian Champions Harmbee Mullewa and Merindah, and in Finland, Moorina became the first English Foxhound to take top honours at a Finnish Houndshow.

Mulberry also produced a fine litter with Exmoor Emerald in Finland and progeny from his third and final litter out of Whiteacres Vixen at Canequiss are currently enjoying success in the UK.

Mulberry was my first Foxhound, fulfiling a childhood dream to own a ‘real’ Foxhound. As a youngster he was a clown and a show-off, ‘working’ the ringside like a real pro, never failing to raise a smile from onlookers as he devised new ways of tripping me up or tying his lead in knots. In later years he mellowed into a dignified, gentle hound, happy to be a punchbag for the ridgeback pups and guardian of my dwarf rabbits. He also loved human company and would happily share his bench and bone with any child who cared to join him.