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Kennel club is to re-open ‘Parson register’

At its recent meeting, the Committee considered the proposed recognition of ‘Jack Russell’ Terriers, in the light of the Kennel Club press release on which feedback was invited earlier this year. The following has now been agreed.

1) The Kennel Club register should be opened for a period of one year, from 1 March 2003 to 29 February 2004, to allow terriers currently recorded in the registers of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of G B and British Jack Russell Terrier Club to apply for KC registration as Parson Russell Terriers.

2) For inclusion in the Kennel Club register, all terriers must have, at least three full generations recorded in the above breed registers (i.e. the terrier applied for itself and its parents and grandparents must be included in one of the above registers).

3) Each club to nominate a representative to work with the Kennel Club Registration Department to verify pedigrees.

4) The KC Breed Standard of the Parson Russell Terrier should be altered to: Size Most importantly a working terrier should be capable of being spanned behind the shoulders by average sized hands. Ideal height at withers: dogs 36 cms (14 ins.), bitches 33 cms (13 ins.) It is recognised that smaller terriers are required for work in certain areas and lower heights are therefore quite acceptable provided that soundness and balance are maintained.

5) The FCI should be requested to change the name of the breed which it currently recognises as ‘Jack Russell Terrier’ to ‘Australian Jack Russell Terrier’. It should also be asked to take care that its member countries only register as ‘Australian Jack Russell Terriers’ those dogs with Australian ancestry.

6) The FCI should be asked to require member countries to transfer all dogs currently registered as ‘Jack Russell Terriers’ but not of Australian descent, into the Parson Russell Terrier section. This would be provided that their pedigrees can be traced back to either the Kennel Club register or those of either the Jack Russell Terrier Club of GB or the British Jack Russell Terrier Club. If they are not either of Australian descent or descended from British pedigree stock – they are not pure bred dogs and cannot be eligible for registration.

7) That the Parson Russell Terrier Club and Northern Parson Russell Terrier Club should be invited to comment on a change of breed name to Parson Jack Russell Terrier.