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Rescue kennel suffers further raid

A LURCHER-type dog has been stolen from rescue kennels which only weeks ago was the target of vandals, leading to the death of two dogs. ‘Dougal’, a male Rottweiler/Greyhound cross was stolen from the Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Kennels at Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, sometime between 5.00 pm and 5.40pm last Saturday, September 7th.

The thieves broke into the dog’s run and simply took him without anyone seeing. According to the kennels staff, Dougal has a very friendly, loving and trusting nature so would have gone with his abductors willingly.

Dougal has a severe food absorption problem and unless he receives prescribed medication regularly he will suffer form chronic diarrhoea.

Tia volunteer and co-ordinator of the charity Lurcher Search, Kate Fizgerald-Goreham told OUR DOGS: "Douglas is a very loving and gentle dog. We hope he will be returned to us unharmed. We are offering a substantial reward for his return, so hope that someone will come forward with information leading to his safe return.

Dougal is an unusual blue/grey colour with tan markings - similar to those of a Rottweiler, and has a long, boney tail. He stands about 25 to 26 inches in height. His coat is rather dusty and soft, as a result of his illness. He is aged between 18 months and two years. The dog is microchipped.

A reward is offered for Dougal’s safe return. If anyone has any information on the dog’s whereabouts, please contact the Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Kennels on: 07974-960684 or 01422-240118.

In July, intruders, believed to have an inside knowledge of the Tia kennels, entered the building through a small gap in a window into a side block of kennels. They then walked through the office and into the main kennel area where they then opened every single pen, allowing thirty dogs – half of which were males, many of them ex-racing Greyhounds – to run out and attack each other.

Two dogs died as a result of the ensuing fight, one being found dead at the scene, the other needing to be put to sleep by a vet later.

Police carried out a forensic investigation and will be making further inquiries. To date, no arrests have been made.

The charity was established by ex-policewoman Deborah Rothery who retired from the police force after being stabbed in the line of duty and retired. She started to rescue Greyhounds and established a small rescue charity in 1997.

She named the charity after her first rescue dog Tia who had recently died. The charity has now grown rapidly and rescues Greyhounds and Lurchers from all across the UK. Amongst the charity’s patrons is One Foot In The Grave TV star Annette Crosbie.

Miss Crosbie has recently been in Yorkshire filming her part in the forthcoming film about the Rhylestone Ladies’ WI Naked Calendar, in which she insisted that her own rescued greyhound – a dog from TIA rescue - had a part as her character’s pet.