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Richmond talks dogs once again!

Some years ago Catherine Sutton started the Richmond Dog Talks, which are held every other year; a tradition which has been maintained by Patricia, writes Di Rich.

On Sunday 24th November in the morning we will have the benefit of address from Roger Palmer and Kirsty Peake on the subject‘Wolves Behavioural Route To Today’s Dogs’. Roger Palmer is licensed to keep wolves and there will be two wolves there for us to see and touch, while Kirsty Peake is a renowned dog behaviourist. Kirsty is a member of the Institute of Speakers, and I have heard she is a brilliant speaker so we should be in for a real treat.

The afternoon will cover a Breakdown Of How A Ch Show Spends Our Entry Fees! Richmond in particular so that exhibitors will understand a little more about what goes on behind the scenes. This subject will be addressed by Mr Nick Bryce-Smith and ably assisted by other members of his committee.