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Second annual breeders’ symposium
places still available

The Kennel Club, the British Small Animal Veterinary Association and the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association are urging breeders to return their booking forms for the Breeders Symposium, taking place on November 3rd, as soon as possible as seats for this unique event are limited and fast running out.

Highlights this year include discussions from leading experts on such topics as Genetics and the use of new DNA technologies, Behaviour, Gastric Dilitation Volvus Syndrome (Bloat) and Fertility.

The cost for this event is £30, which includes morning and afternoon refreshments, a buffet lunch, a booklet of lecture synopses and a certificate of attendance.

For a registration form and further details please contact Nik Clifton on 0870 606 6750 (ext 289) or visit one of the following websites: , ,

Photo by Carol Ann Johnson
The Pet Plan Junior Stakes’ winners at City of Birmingham: Norwich Terrier (Best Dog) was Mrs Lesley A Crawley's Ragus The Inquisition, Mini Smooth-haired Dachshund (Best Bitch) is Miss Suzanne Metcalfe's Bronia Saucy Sara of Metadale, handled by Roy Metcalfe. Also pictured are judge Bryn Cadogan, and Jill Peak representing Pet Plan