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Joni’s World Tour Reaches the UK

Joni The American Akita visited the Our Dogs stand at Darlington on the English leg of her world tour.

Joni is the mascot of The American Akita Preservation League (AAPL) and also the American Akita/ Great Japanese Dog International.
Joni’s mission is to gain support for the splitting of the Akita into two separate breeds, the Japanese and American types. As has already been done in all FCI affiliated countries and New Zealand.

Joni was born in the USA and will not be returning there until the Akita is split into two breeds. Her world tour began in Autumn 2001, her first port of call was Belgium. The she went on to Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and now the UK.

Joni will be in the UK until the end of October when she will move on to the European show in Paris.

If you wish to show your support for Joni, you can sign her register of support by contacting Sheena Clark on 01748 812741 or by meeting Joni at the Akita Association champ show on 4Th Oct or at Driffield and Midland Counties on Utility day.

Joni is pictured above with some of the 200+ signatures she collected at Darlington.