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Order of judging for Lichfield CS Open Show

Sunday, 22 September,
The Prestwood Centre, Stafford

Ring One: Airedales; Bull Terriers; Cairns; Skyes; Staffs Bull Terriers; Border Terriers. Not before 11.00 a.m:. Smooth Collies; Min Schnauzers; Schnauzers; AVTerrier; AV Toy; AV Working; AV Pastoral; AV Gundog; AV Utility; AV Hound

Ring Two: CKCS; L/C Chi's; Chinese Crested; Pugs; Yorkshire Terriers; Papillons. Not before 11.00 a.m: Bassett FdB; Finnish Spitz; Elkhounds.

Ring Three: Bearded Collies; Border Collies; Rough Collies; Boxers; Bull Mastiffs. Not before 11.00 a.m: Dobes; Gt Danes; Newfoundlands; Rottweillers; German Shepherds.

Ring Four: Dalmatians; Lhasa Apsos; Min Poodles; Toy Poodle; Std Poodle. Not before 11.00 a.m: Shar Pei; Shih Tzu; Tibetan Spaniels; Tibetan Terriers; German Spitz Mittel; Klein.

Ring Five: English Setters; Irish Setters; Pointers; Flatcoat Retrievers; Labradors. Not before 11.00 a.m: Golden Retrievers; Cockers.