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Washington considers anti-BSL bill

WASHINGTON COULD become the 10th US state to preclude breed-specific laws if a planned Bill becomes law. Bill HB2043 amends the existing Washington state Dangerous Dog Law to include the key phrase: "the breed of dog shall not be a determining factor when declaring a dog potentially dangerous or dangerous." This important amendment supports the position of the American Kennel Club and numerous other animal welfare organisations around the world who recognize that breed-specific legislation does not work. Washington dog enthusiasts, especially those in the Spokane area, have been urged to support this good bill by the AKC.

HB2043 has already passed the House reading and is now pending in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob McCaslin needs to hear from his own constituents in the Spokane area urging him to hold a hearing on HB2043 and approve the bill. The Bill must then be approved by the committee before April 4th. The consideration of the Bill should give heart to anti-BSL campaigners as it indicates a willingness on the part of some more enlightened politicians at least to look beyond the short-term, ‘quick fix’ of BSL and to consider the wider and more realistic goals of sensible dog control laws.