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Campaigning for a fairer deal for OAPs (Old Age Pets)

Photo by Vismedia
Old age pets demand fair treatment from insurers at leading Vets conference
at International Convention Centre in Birmingham.

MORE THAN, the leading pet insurer, is campaigning for the fair treatment of Old Age Pets.

THERE IS now an ageing population of cats and dogs in the UK due to better diets and improved medical care - with one third of the population of dogs (6 million) classed as old*.

As our older pets need regular veterinary treatment, pet owners are often unable to keep up with the vets’ bills, and may be faced with the difficult decision of having to put down their old four-legged friend.

Most pet insurers refuse to accept pets over a certain age, sometimes even 6 year old pets are discriminated against. This leaves many pet owners unable to afford the extra treatment that their senior pets require to ensure they stay in good health.

This is why MORE THAN offers pet insurance to cats and dogs of ALL ages, as they recognise the importance of providing cover for pets at precisely the time they need it the most.

Attending the British Small Animal Veterinary Association Conference, the largest gathering of vets in the UK, on 3 April, MORE THAN acted to raise awareness of the rights for older pets by staging an old age dogs and cats demo and handing out leaflets to delegates, as pictured here.

Paul Davies, Pet Marketing Manager of MORE THAN, said, ‘MORE THAN believe it is unfair that most insurers will only cover young, healthy pets. We understand how important it is for owners to be able to give their pet access to the best veterinary treatment available, whatever the age of their pet.

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