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Kathleen Mary Hare

Kathleen Mary Hare of the famous ‘Kathry’ Wire Fox Terriers passed away on 10th March 2003, having lost her battle with cancer.

Kathy, as she was known, was a great stalwart of the breed and bred many champions. She was a well-known judge both here and overseas and judged both Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers at Crufts. She served on the committee of both the Fox Terrier Club and the Wire Fox Terrier Association for many years, and was the President of the Wire Fox Terrier Association in 1986.

Kathy was a great character and called a spade a spade. She was always known for her smart dress and, of course, her cigarette holder with ciggie in it. She was a wonderful person and dog woman and will be greatly missed by all Fox Terrier people.

Sue Nixon