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South Wales KA open show Dog of the Year
report & pictures by Margaret Greening

The overall winner of the South Wales open show Dog of the Year
was Pat Maul’s Shih Tzu, Ch Daltricia Menelaus JW. McKenzie won through all
the heats over some of Wales’ top dogs from the past year

McKenzie tops the lot in Wales

THIS WAS the third time that SWFA had held this prestigious match, which features open show winners for Welsh shows in the previous year. It is held in the luxurious venue of the best Western Parkway Hotel, Cwmbran, and 50 dogs had been invited to compete.

The contest started promptly at 10am in the well set out ballroom. We were first introduced to Matthew Bostock of Purina - who were generously sponsoring the show. After all the dogs had been paraded and named, we were introduced to the judges; Mr Roy Metcalfe and Mr Bill Browne-Cole and the running order draw was made by Matthew Bostock.

In the event, eight dogs were absent, but that still left 42 super contestants. The commentator was Andrew Brace, who gave details of each dog as it competed. First in the ring for Roy Metcalfe were Mr and Mrs T Rodda’s Covarney Cara Mir Mine at Teramour, the Irish Setter bitch who qualified at Blackwood CS on 24.11.02 and had won the BCC at Crufts; the second dog to come into the ring was Mr and Mrs Mason’s Norwich Terrier, Ch Glanhafod Arizona, a dog with five CCs to his credit and who I gather sleeps in his owner’s bed! - this fellow went on to the next round. The next two to come forward were Mrs Flint’s Miniature Schnauzer bitch, Wundal Justine, who was Pup of the Year at Richmond; against her was Mr K Holloway’s Whippet bitch, Linaria Lady Silver Moon, who has several group placings to her credit. The Miniature Schnauzer went through to the next round.

South Wales dog of the Year winner was the Shih Tzu, Maul’s Ch Daltricia Menelaus JW. They are pictured here with the runner-up, Mr and Mrs Mason’s Norwich Terrier Ch Glenhafod Arizona. Also pictured are Matthew Bostock (left) representing the sponsors, Purina, as well as judges Bill Browne-Cole and Roy Metcalfe.

Following them in the ring were Mr and Mrs Knowles’ Pointer bitch, Tycarreg Status Flo to Dovehayes JW, the winner of one CC, two Res CCs, 21 firsts at champ shows and who qualified at Vale of Glamorgan show in August.

Her opposed was Mr and Mrs Humphrey’s Great Dane bitch who qualified at Pontypool CS last May. She has a Res BIS to her credit as well; the Pointer went through to the next round.

Next came the Beagle dog Ch Emorien Crackle, owned by Mr and Mrs Howell and the winner of four CCs (two with BOB), he also has nine BIS wins at open shows to his credit and was Top Dog 2002. He was up against Mr and Mrs Frankland-Burton’s Golden Retriever dog, Purbarn Gales N’Golden Rain JW, a winner of BIS at breed club shows. The Beagle won this round. In the next round we saw the American Cocker Spaniel, Mr and Mrs Starling’s Starnight Partial Eclipse, JW, who has two CCs, 12 class wins at champ shows and has four times been BIS at open shows - stood alone.

Following him into the next round came the Welsh Springer Spaniel, Mr and Mrs Rees’ Sh Ch Typica Countryman JW, the winner so far of three CCs with BOB, two Res CCs, 24 firsts at champ shows, two BIS and two Res BIS, he also won the WKC top puppy. His opponent was another Pointer, Mr and Mrs Everington’s Peakedale Finch, he has been lightly shown, but still has two BIS and a Res CC to his credit. The Welsh Springer went on to the next round.
Top Sealyham

Then we had the Sealyham bitch, Mrs Morgan’s Ch Zabaden Valentine Girl, the winner to date of 20 CCs, was third in the Terrier group this year at Crufts and G2 at Manchester. Not surprisingly she was top Sealyham in 2002. Her opponent was Mr and Mrs Thorne’s Dobermann bitch Mansty I Spy at Rocksands JW, who has nine class wins at champ shows and has also been Res BIS at another open show after her BIS at Pontypridd. The Sealyham won this round.

Next for Roy Metcalfe to go over came the PBGV Ms Lewis’ Tangaer Jou Jou, her opponent was Dr and Mrs Thomas’ Malmeisa Dusky Dallas of Knabynnus JW, a GSHP dog. The PBGV has four Res CCs to her credit and the GSP has one Res CC and four BIS at open shows to his name, and was also a Pup of the Year qualifier. The PBGV went on to the next round.

The penultimate round for Roy featured the Borzoi dog, Mr and Mrs Manitias Silent Knight at Mischran, who qualified at Pontypool in December and has several BPIB wins to his credit, against Pat Maul’s Marpalyan Dutch Gold, the Shih Tzu dog who had only been to three open shows last year, and had won two Res BIS and seven BOBs to date, plus Green Stars in Ireland. The Borzoi won this round.

Finally in this half of the contest, Miss Pippa Moore’s Schnauzer dog Fillipers to the Manor Born, who qualified at St Mellons in August and won his first CC and BOB at the Schnauzer show recently, he also has won three BIS at all the open shows he has attended. His opposite was Mr and Mrs Harris’ Irish Setter bitch, Trelalees Corn Harvest at Maesffynnon, who qualified at Port Talbot last May, and has in her lifetime reared 21 puppies! The Schnauzer went through here.

Then it was Bill Browne-Cole’s turn to go over the second half of the first round dogs, the first two into the ring for him were the Newfoundland bitch, Mr and Mrs Morris’ Casimor Christmas Coco, winner of one CC, two Res CCs, 14 classes at champ shows and Res BPIS at the Working Breeds of Scotland show in 2000. Her opponent was Mr Tollett’s Whippet bitch, Nevedith Deefa Dado, winner of best dog at SWKA in 2002, 14 firsts at champ shows and Green Stars in Ireland. The Newfie went through.

Next came Mr Parr’s Labrador bitch Carpenny What’s Up Kymin, winner of three firsts at champ shows, as well at groups at open shows. Against her was Mrs Patterson’s Wirehaired Dachshund bitch, Ch Cishelvine Fire Dancer. The Labrador went through. Following these came Mrs Davies’ Cocker Spaniel dog, Gwendraeth Crescent Moon, this dog has two CCs, two Res CCs and is an Irish Champion, with 11 BIS at open shows, nine Res BIS, seven green stars (six with BOB) and a CACIB. His opponent was Mr and Mrs Sander’s Silvatec Sixpence, who has three CCs and 15 BIS wins at open shows to her credit - she went through to the next round.

Then came Miss Oliver’s Bullmastiff bitch, Nashbank Amelia, winner of two CCs with BOB, one Res CC and who had been BIS at the Bullmastiff Show in 2002. Against her was Mr and Mrs Davies’ Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitch, Ch Mimcol Tasha Yar JW, who has won eight CCs, two with BOB and was the youngest Staffie to gain her JW at 10 and a half months, she was the winner of this round.

Team player

Another Whippet featured next, Mr and Mrs Williams’ dog, Jansams Memories of Josh, who has one CC to his credit and was against Mrs B Theobold’s Pointer dog, Penwest Pelham Attycarreg, who has five firsts at open shows, four with BIS and was the sire of the winning Breeders Stakes team at SWKA last year, to think he was in the team as well! He went through to the next round. Following them came Ken Anderson’s Pekingese bitch Ch Nosredna Christabella, who has five CCs, won the Bitch CC at Crufts this year and, as Andrew Brace said, had only been beaten by the BIS winner at Crufts! She also has BIS breed club shows as well. Her opponent was Mrs Clowes’ Aceca’s Hakunamatata, a Siberian Husky bitch who has one CC, one Res CC, two BIS at open shows and only started being shown at five-years-old. The Peke went through to the next round.

In the next challenge came another Pointer, Mrs Paton’s Tycarreg Spring Feva with Bunnahabhain, another who featured in the Breeders Stakes winners at SWKA. Her opponent was Harris’ Irish Setter dog, Maesffynnon Sirus, a champ show winner. He won this round.

Next came another PBGV, Mrs Lewiss Tangaer Idris, winner so far of two CCs (both with BOB), he also has three BIS and one Res BIS to his credit, and was 4th in a Hound group in 2002. His opponent was the Kerry Blue Terrier, Mr and Mrs Davies’ Galway Dream Colonial Boy, who has one CC and 10 firsts at champ shows to his credit. The PBGV won this round.

Nearing the end of the first round, into the ring came another Whippet, Mr Tollett’s Nevedith Deefa Dado, who had been BPIS and BIS at the Whippet Club of Wales, his opponent - the ultimate winner - was Pat Maul’s Shih Tzu, Ch Daltricia Menelus JW, winner of four CCs (all within one month), six Res CCs, four BIS at open shows, a CACIB at St Patrick’s day show in Dublin in 2002, and was graded excellent at the World show. This dog is so self possessed, he looks at the judge as if to say ‘who do you think you are?’ If it were possible for a Shih Tzu to look down his nose at anyone, it would be exactly what he does. Obviously, he went through here.

The following round saw Mrs Lindsay’s Beardie dog, Bethlyntee Bannock, winner of several Res BIS at open shows and a beginner obedience, winner against the Bulldog, Mr and Mrs Davies’ Shiloh Patchwork at Kismond. JW, winner so far of two CCs, both with BOB, 27 wins at champ shows and was Bulldog of the Year 2002, and the only Bulldog qualifier for the Pet Plan Junior Stakes. He won this round.

Finally, in the first round came the Siberian Husky, Mrs Hill’s Powder Face by Kriserliz, winner of two CCs, eight Res CCs, three BIS and has been in the top Siberian Husky in the last five years. Last of all for Bill to go over in this round was the Border Terrier dog, Mrs Lumbard’s Morgandare Milo, winner of two CCs and BOBs at champ shows, he won this time. Bill Browne Cole stayed in the ring to go over all the winners from the first round and he sent forward to the next round the Norwich Terrier, Ch Glenhafod Arizona, the Pointer Tycarpes Status Flo to Dovehayes JW, the Beagle Ch Emorlea Crackle, the Sealyham Ch Zabadeh Valentine Girl, the Borzoi Manitias Silent Knight at Mischran, the Schnauzer Fillipers To The Manor Born.

Then Roy Metcalfe went over the lower half dogs, he went forward the Newfoundland Casimor Christmas Coco, the Whippet Ch Janelyn Silvatec Sixpence, the Peke Ch Nosredna Christabella, the PBGV Tangaer Idris, the Shih Tzu Ch Daltricia Menelaus JW and the Border Terrier Morgandare Milo.

Roy stayed in the ring for a further cut of the finalists; he sent in for Bill Browne-Cole’s assessment the Norwich Terrier, the Beagle, the Schnauzer, the Whippet, the Peke, and the Shih Tzu. The final three for both judges to decide on were: Best in show Ch Daltricia Menelaus JW; runner up the Norwich Ch Glenhafod Arizona, with the Whippet, Ch Janelyn Silvatex Sixpence in third place.

Menelaus, whose pet name is McKenzie, was a popular and well deserved winner; he really looked the part but as if he really considered it was really rather beneath him to do that sort of thing! Photos were then taken, some inside and some out, where the weather was actually lovely, hot and sunny; in fact some of the hotel guests were spotted sunbathing by the pool!

After a short break we were treated to a really good lunch, enjoyed by all participants. This was a really good, well run event, with a chance to see some really lovely dogs and I am glad to say it has been scheduled to hold another one next year. I hope to be there, in some capacity or another.