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The British Collie Club Speciality Event
The Rough Collie of the Year

The British Collie Clubs Rough Collie of the Year, the blue merle dog Mrs Anderton’s Ch Karaua Blue Kontention and runner up the tri colour bitch Mr D Rounds Jasand Panama Hatty

AT This event, held every year by the BCC, all the previous year’s CC winners are invited to compete for the club’s title Rough Collie of the year.

The event is held at the Quality Hotel, Penkridge, Staffs; I was invited to be on the panel of three judges to judge and select the overall winner.

On arrival the committee had the main exhibition suite set out with a good covered ring, lovely table decorations, complete with coffee and snacks. We were then interviewed by the Show Manager and briefly outlined the procedure, we were placed on three separate tables and judged first the dogs followed by the bitches.

Mrs Margaret Wildman (Wildax) was the first to judge, then Mr Peter Chave, followed by me Mrs Peggy E M Bailey; each exhibit was judged in turn and individually marked out of a hundred, the marks then totalled to select the overall winner and runner-up.

The Master of Ceremonies for the event was Mr Alan Staniland who with the rest of the committee looked very smart, the ladies dressed to perfection and every gentleman sporting a red bowtie. We started with the dogs; some nine entered, all were in tiptop condition and after our marking we had a tie for third and fourth place that ended a run off.

The first place and overall winner was Mrs V Anderton’s Ch Carava Blue Kontention, second placed dog was Mr & Mrs Kitchen’s Ch Jasand Somethin Blue for Seriema. These two blue merles present a lovely picture of outstanding breed quality. Third place dog was Vonarkle Gold Dust and the fourth place dog was Lingwell Lone Piper both lovely sable and white males.

While we were judging the committee organised a table quiz based round the names and or pedigree of each exhibit, this created more than a passing interest for the audience and quite good fun when it came to marking papers and the eventual prizes to winners.

Then on to the bitches, some 10 entered, again all in good condition, and again a tie for third and fourth place which needed a run off. The first place bitch and the eventual runner up for the club’s Rough Collie of the year was Mr D Round’s tricolour Jasand Panama Hatty, second was Mrs G Harris’ Carriswillow Legacy, Third was Miss A Grainger’s Ch Samhaven Forgotten Charm and fourth was Mrs R Cozen’s Vonarkle Victoria at Bhyllsacre, the line up of these bitches was a joy to behold.

Then followed the announcement that Ch Karava Blue Kontention was the British Collie Club’s Rough Collie of the year so that Jasand Panama Hatty was the runner up, many photographs with a quite lovely presentation to the three judges.

This was a very nice event the whole thing expertly managed by the committee, unfortunately Peter and I could not stay for the evening meal and the disco but we are reliably informed that all went well.

On behalf of Mrs Wildman Mr Chave and myself, we wish to thank the British Collie Club for the invitation to judge this very special Rough Collie event.

Peggy E M Bailey


The three judges who officiated, left to right, Mrs Peggy E M Bailey,
Mr Peter Chave, Mrs Margaret Wildman