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Guinness World Records Agility

You could become the most famous agility dogs and handlers in the world and that’s official, if you are selected to represent the Guinness World Record Agility Team.

All About Dogs, one of the most comprehensive canine events in Europe, which is being held at Brentwood in Essex on the weekend of 10th/11th May 2003, has organised yet another spectacular part to the show to set a world record for the largest completed agility course.

Anyone involved in the agility world will know that a course consists of 20 pieces of equipment in an area of 30m x 30m. So how does this sound – 200 pieces of equipment in an arena 60m x 150m! This is really serious stuff.

Teams of ten dogs and handlers will have a unique opportunity to set the World record, that any other agility club or team in the World will have to beat, to call themselves World Record Agility holders.

Guinness World records have shown tremendous interest in this event and have said they would be very pleased to receive full details for verification.

It’s obviously not just a case of placing equipment in an arena and getting dogs and handlers to negotiate the course. There are a great deal of stringent rules and regulations to adhere too, before the World record is even attempted.


Two judges and several stewards, together with a television camera, will be in the vast arena watching very closely, as each team member must pass on a baton to the next team member before commencing his/her course run.

The record attempt will be based on the collective time and overall faults of each team. All timing will be measured electronically and timing begins when any part of the 1st dogs body crosses the start line and finishes when any part of the 10th dogs body crosses the finish line. No dog would be permitted to negotiate more than 20 obstacles. All hurdles will be set at 2’ 6" and providing a dog can comfortably and safely negotiate the hurdles, they will be permitted to enter, regardless of size.

There are of course many other rules and regulations which can be passed to competitors before the event.

The attempt on the World Record will take place on Sunday 11th May, starting at 11am. On Saturday 10th May, for just £1.00, handlers will be given the opportunity to be selected for the World Record attempt team, when judges, stewards and organisers, look for the best dogs on the day. Once the best team is selected, and they have set the record, other teams will be given the opportunity to beat them.

A unique Certificate is being commissioned to confirm attendance and achievements and will be presented by Peter Purves, well known celebrity and ‘doggie man’.

Agility clubs, enthusiasts and professionals are asked to submit 10 names of dogs and handlers, to make up the team, they wish to be considered to take part in this prestigious event. Team entry fee is £20.00.

For your entry form (individual or team) please send a sae to World Record Agility Attempt, 44 High Street, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4AJ.

The show is open from 10am until 6pm each day. Admission is just £2.00 per person per day.

The venue is the Brentwood Centre Showground, Doddinghurst road, Brentwood, Essex (3 miles from Junction 28 of the M25) For further details please contact Roy Dyer on 01277 226624 or e. mail as quickly as possible or check out the webside on