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Help fight proposed anti-dog legislation

A proposed new law in Norway has been revealed by opposition groups. The proposition is largely based on the opinions of a few, with all the major dog organisations in Norway being ignored during the deiberations.

Among other things it includes a ban on a further two breeds; the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This proposition is in general very "anti-dog", and also states that anyone who feels threatened by a dog can legally kill the dog, with no questions asked.

Norwegian dog owners have demanded that the proposed law be returned to the Justice minister and also have demanded a more thorough law ‘more suitable for our time’. they also want the law made more clear so that the organised, responsible dog owner is not punished.

They have also demanded that dog organisations be heard in the making of the law, as they are the ones that have the knowledge and resources needed to make a fair and efficient dog law. Much more so than the persons and commercial groups behind the present proposition.
they want a dog law that:

Provides for healthy and responsible dog ownership
Is ethically correct, and not a law that only makes it more difficult to keep a dog
Removes the possibilty of unwanted use and abuse of dogs
Not only has limitations but also helps with a positive,responsible dog ownership
Does NOT have a great influence of private interests and opinions
Has common regulations for all the land
Does NOT include breed specific legislation

To lend your support by signing their petition on-line, go to:-