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New Press Officer appointed
at the National Canine Defence League

The National Canine Defence League (NCDL) has appointed a new Press Officer - Claire Bicknell. Claire, aged 26, joins the NCDL from a PR agency background at Clareville Communications where she was Account Manager for a range of different clients.

Her responsibilities as Press Officer for the NCDL, the UK's largest dog welfare charity, include co-ordinating press relations for seven NCDL Rehoming Centres in Bridgend, Canterbury, Darlington, Ilfracombe, Leeds, Newbury and Salisbury, as well as the microchipping and neutering campaigns in the North East and North West.

Claire will additionally be working on National Poop Scoop Week which takes place from 30 June, the Hope Project which helps dogs whose owners are homeless or in housing crisis, Pathway which encourages housing providers to incorporate dogs into their facilities, the Canine Care Card which ensures dogs are cared for by the NCDL following their owners' deaths and Westminster Dog of the Year, a competition for politicians in October run jointly with The Kennel Club.

"I am delighted to join the NCDL and can't wait to help make a difference to dog welfare," Claire told us.