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Dog club’s trailer stolen

A CANINE Society’s Box trailer was stolen from outside an officer’s house last week, along with the Society’s show equipment.

The white, eight-wheel box, trailer was taken from outside the horse centre home of club officers Linda and Trevor Trowmans at Lower Stone, near Berkley, Glos. between the hours of 1am and 7am last Friday. The couple found furrows in the gravel where the thieves had dragged the trailer away.

The trailer was emblazoned on one side with the words ‘Weston super Mare Canine Society’, together with Secretary Roger Stone’s name and telephone number underneath. The words were fashioned from stick-on letters which may have be removed. However, due to the age of the lettering, an impression of the words may still remain on the side of the trailer – assuming it has not been re-sprayed.

The trailer contained society’s show equipment, including white picket fencing, buckets and shovels, silk flower decorations, the society’s banner, ringside award boards, group and BIS award boards, ropes and tapes.

The trailer is valued at £6,000 and was not insured.

If anyone has any further information relating to the theft and possible recover of the trailer, please contact Linda or Trevor Trowmans on: 01454 260402