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Sam the GWP shines as police sniffer dog

TWELVE MONTH old Sam - alias Kimmax Kandy Sparrow - has plenty to be proud of, having officially passed out as a fully qualified drugs and explosives sniffer dog on duty in the Merseyside area.

Sam, pictured above with his handler, is thought to be the first and only GWP in service in any Police Force in the UK.

Breeder Maxine McCullough explained: ‘We donated him to the unit as an eight week old puppy, Merseyside Police had asked me if I would do so as they wanted to see how a GWP would work as a sniffer dog, I had no doubts and I thought it was about time they had a "proper" dog!

‘Sam was so impressive, he could locate the drugs and explosives quickly and easily and when he did locate them he immediately froze (we call it pointing); they train them slightly differently although the end result is the same.

‘His handler is really looking forward to going out into the real world and he will call me when he gets his first "find".’