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Irish Kennel Club statement on
Title of International Beauty Champion

We now have clarification on this and the details are as follows:-

All CACIB awards obtained prior to June 1st 2003 will count towards the title of FCI International Beauty Champion. In order to qualify a dog/bitch must have been awarded four CACIB certificates and one year and one day must have elapsed between the first and fourth awards. Any CACIB certificates gained BEFORE June 1st 2003 will count towards the title and the balance can be made up after this date.

If the first CACIB certificate is awarded AFTER June 1st 2003 certain breeds will have to qualify for the title of International Beauty Champion by completing a Working Test. In this case two CACIB certificates and the Working Test will qualify the dog/bitch for the title. The same conditions regarding a year and a day between the first award and the final one will apply.

A Working Test is required for the following breeds and where there are no tests already available the Irish Kennel Club will be setting up a working party to devise suitable tests for each breed, bearing in mind that the tests used in the country of origin are not always applicable to Ireland where the law would not permit some of the requirements.
The breeds requiring a Working Test are:-

Gundog Group

Bracco Italiano; Pointer; Pointer - German Long Haired, German Short Haired, German Wire Haired; Hungarian Vizsla; Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla; Italian Spinone; Large Munsterlander; Nova-Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever; Retriever -Chesapeake Bay, Curly Coated, Flat Coated, Golden, Labrador; Setter - English, Gordon, Irish, Irish Red & White; Spaniel - Britanny, Clumber, Cocker, English Springer, Field, Irish Water, Sussex, Welsh; Weimaraner

Hound Group

Basset Hound; Basset - Bleu de Gascogne, Griffon Vendeen Grand, Griffon Vendeen Petit, Fauve de Bretagne; Beagle; Bloodhound; Dachshund - Long haired, Long Haired Min., Smooth Haired, Smooth Haired Min., Wire Haired,Wire-Haired Min.; Foxhound, Grand Bleu de Gascogne; Hamiltonstovare; Harrier.

Working Group

Belgian Shepherd Dog, Groenendael, Malinois, Tervueren, Laekenois; Bouvier des Flandres; Boxer; Dobermann Pinscher; German Shepherd Dog; Hovawart; Rottweiler; Schnauzer.

Pastoral Group

Beauceron; Briard; Collie Border.

Terrier Group

Jack Russell Terrier; Parson Russell Terrier

Those who have qualified for the title of International Beauty Champion
should apply to the FCI direct enclosing photo-copies of the CACIBs won and requesting a Certificate.

To apply for the title of International Beauty Champion the dog does NOT have to be a champion in its own country.

Exhibitors from outside Ireland are eligible to compete for a CACIB but following a directive from the FCI after June 1st 2003 only those resident in Ireland can obtain their title by obtaining either 4 CACIB awards or 2 and a Working Test. For exhibitors living outside Ireland awards gained prior to June 1st will count towards the title but in all other cases the 4 CACIB awards (or two CACIBs and a Working Test) must be earned in the normal way - one in each of 4 or 2 FCI countries (one of which can be Ireland) and at least one year and one day must have elapsed between the first and final award.