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Rabies controlled in Indian city

For the first time Rabies has been controlled in an Indian city. The Pink City of Jaipur has had no cases of Human Rabies for over two years. This has been achieved by the Help in Suffering Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programme sterilising and vaccinating over 20,000 street dogs.

Thirty thousand people a year die of Rabies in India according to the World Health Organisation. Rabies is a fatal, zoonotic disease commonly spread to people in India and other developing countries by street dogs. Jaipur is a typical Indian city of two million people. Before the Animal Birth Control Programme an average of ten cases of human Rabies were recorded annually in Jaipur. Medical records show no cases of human Rabies since October 2000.

Professor Deborah Briggs, Head of Rabies at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia, USA has said of the Help in Suffering ABC Programme: “Rabies experts are at a loss as to how to approach this massive problem in India. Help in suffering has done something that no one else in the world has managed to do - quite an incredible achievement.”