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Record entry for Limerick

Limerick C C championship show, one of the famous Munster Circuit shows, has attracted a record entry of 2680 from 2443 dogs for one day show on August 21st.

Meanwhile a change of judge is announced for Tralee show where Mrs. B. Runmaker (Sweden) is unable to judge due to a most unfortunate accident. Her breeds will now be judged by the following judges. Hounds: Mr. E. Murray (Irl.) Afghan Hounds/Borzoi/Saluki. Gundogs: Mr. P. Scanlon (Irl.) Setters English/ Setters Gordon/Setters Irish Red - White/ Spaniels Clumber/ Retriever Flat Coated - all subject to I.K.C. approval. Gundog breeds: Mrs. C. S. Clapp (U.S.A.) Setters Irish - subject to I.K.C. approval.