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Drunken puppy killer jailed

A YOB who, along with a friend, brutally killed his mother's pet puppy in a booze-fuelled rampage has been jailed for four months.

Alan Byetheway, aged 24, was sentenced by magistrates in Cannock, Staffordshire last week but the court heard he is likely to serve just two months of the term.

Byetheway's co-accused Jonathon Jacobs, aged 20, was handed a six month detention term in a young offenders institution.

The pair tortured 14-month old Jack Russell Deano with a rake, axe and clothes prop in a case described by magistrates as the worst they had ever come across.

Byetheway, of Little Bloxwich, admitted animal cruelty. Jacobs, also of Bloxwich, had denied the offence but was found guilty of the crime after a two-day trial at the beginning of the month.

The pair together tortured Deano while they were dog-sitting for Byetheway's mother Dee Salt at her home in Cannock, on November 20 last year.

In court magistrates were told the friends beat the dog with a rake and an axe, were likely to have forced a clothes prop down his throat and then dumped the body on nearby wasteland. They then pretended to Miss Salt that the dog had run off. They also took part in a one and half hour search for the "cherished" pet, despite knowing it lay dead metres away.

A splintered skull, a punctured lung, severed windpipe, a punctured artery in the head, cuts and damaged teeth were just some of the injuries suffered by Deano.

Mr Roger Price, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said: ‘Animal cruelty is a serious matter and this is right at the top end of these matters. They were deliberate acts and this was a prolonged attack.’

Mr Tony Taylor, chairman of the bench, said: ‘This is a most appaling case of cruelty to an animal called Deano. The amount of distress suffered by the owner must have been dreadful.

‘Custody is the only proper punishment. The maximum sentence is six months. This is the worst case of cruelty to an animal that anyone on the Cannock bench can remember.’