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New York, NY - Highlights from the August 2003 meeting of the AKC Board of Directors are as follows:

· The Board appointed the Nominating Committee that is to nominate candidates for vacancies on the AKC Board of Directors Class of 2008, which are to be filled at the March 2004 meeting. The committee consists of Dr. Anthony DiNardo, Chair, Romana Arnold, Catherine Bell, Dee L. Mattern, Andrew G. Mills, and alternates John D. Landis, and Carol A. Williamson.

· The Board appointed the Trial Boards, which will be listed in the minutes of the meeting as well as on the Secretary's Page of the AKC Gazette.

· A new schedule of fees for AKC licensed superintendents and for event secretaries was adopted. The schedule is published in the minutes of the meeting.

· At the request of the American Spaniel Club three kennel names were permanently retired: "Dur-Bet" registered to Elizabeth Durland in 1989, "Heyday" registered to Dr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Smith in 1949, "Silver Maple Farms" registered to Lee and Ruth Kraeuchi in 1936.

· The Board approved the concept of a Breeders' Department to create, maintain, and deliver information and educational resource materials on canine husbandry and responsible breeding practice. A specific recommendation is being proposed for the Board's consideration.

· The following Delegates were approved: Eddie Dziuk to represent the National Beagle Club; Ms. Mary Manning to represent the Tampa Bay Kennel Club, Inc.

· Four individuals from Florida, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas were suspended for refusal to make dogs and/or records available. Three individuals from Kentucky and Virginia were suspended for cruelty violations. Four individuals from Illinois, Maine, Michigan, and Missouri were suspended for miscellaneous violations.