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Large breed agility show

The Harlequin Fun Agility Club will be holding another Agility Day for Large Breeds only, on Sunday August 24th at Ging Farm, Ratby Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire.

Breeds throughout the country attending include: a Bull Mastiff, four Irish Wolfhounds, two Bernese Mountain dogs, St Bernard, Afghans - even a Gascony Blue Hound!

Instructor Jill Gibson will start the day explaining how and why equipment that is used differs from standard agility and discuss the need for careful planning of a course for this type of agility. By using two dogs, with different levels of experience, Jill will demonstrate how each obstacle should be attempted. The day will be structured to allow plenty of rest breaks for dogs and owners, with the opportunity to try a full agility course in the afternoon.

Commenting, Jill said: 'Agility for the larger breed of dog, is something I am very passionate about. By using equipment that has been built to withstand their size ,weight and proportions, the dogs gain confidence on the equipment and really enjoy doing something different that is so much fun, Owners also have as much fun seeing just how agile their big friends really are'

The day starts at 10.00am and finishes at 4.00pm, Places are limited, with just four remaining. Further information, contact Jill 0116 2872319