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Sitting on top of the world

So where’s the best place to hold a dog training class? At the local village hall? In the park?

Or at the London Eye? Well, it was London Eye when three dogs with their disabled owners travelled 135 metres above the London Skyline in order to practice at sitting for a Guinness World Record later this month.

In just over two weeks time the charity Dogs for the Disabled and sponsors Pets at Home, will be asking members of the public to join them in ‘The Big Sit’ taking place at The Wag and Bone Show at Ascot Racecourse on August 16, 2003.

Visitors to the show can take part in the record attempt which currently stands at 76 dogs, but the charity hopes to smash the attempt and get 500 dogs all sitting at one time for a total of two minutes.

Hoping that practice makes perfect, partnerships from Dogs for the Disabled made the most of their time on the London Eye, away from the usual distractions at street level. Melissa Stone has been partnered with her dog Rowan for nearly a year, she said: "Rowan is trained to help me with many practical tasks such as opening and closing doors, helping me undress and even taking the washing out of the machine. But they also learn the basics like learning to sit and we hope every dog owner that goes to The Wag and Bone Show will help us in our attempt."

Sponsored by Purina and supported by the Daily Mail and Dogs Today magazine, The Wag and Bone Show is the first show of its kind, with all profits going to help animals in the care of Battersea Dogs’ Home, The Blue Cross, The Kennel Club Charitable Trust, the National Canine Defence League, PDSA, RSPCA and Wood Green Animal Shelters.