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Statement from the Irish Kennel Club

Following recent articles that have appeared in OUR DOGS concerning the German Shepherd Association of Ireland's Annual Sieger Show and the Irish Kennel Club, we are happy to publish the following statement from the Irish Kennel Club.

"The IKC has at all times, and was happy to undertake in the future, to comply with the provisions of Irish Competition Law.

The decision by the Competition Authority to close its investigation of the complaint made against the Irish Kennel Club, does not amount to a sanction, or a ruling against the IKC.

The IKC as a representative body for the owners of pedigree dogs in Ireland, has at all times sought to protect the interests of its members, the public generally, and the communities throughout Ireland in which its licensed dog shows take place. Affiliation to the IKC brings benefits to event organisers, such as insurance coverage, which would not be available to many members other than be virtue of their affiliation to the IKC.

Since the Competition Acts have been in force the IKC have not disciplined members or other persons in respect of participating in events, whether as exhibitors or judges, that are not licensed by the IKC. As members of the IKC will be aware, events which are not licensed by the IKC take place all over Ireland throughout the year.