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For the love of people

Photo by Marc Henrie ASC NUJ
Canine Partners demo, Labradoodle Quest helps Jill Ridgers off with her hat

The wonderful devotion of dogs was clearly shown at a demonstration given by Canine Partners at London's famous Haberdashers’ Hall. The venue was quite magical, past notables looked down from the walls from magnificent paintings.

The hall was packed with top business and important members of city and industry lords and ladies rubbed shoulders with bankers and show business people. All had one common aim to help the Canine Partners with funds for their new home near Midhurst in East Sussex.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman Nicky Pendleton who spoke of the early days and its difficulties, happily all that was behind them the kindness and generosity of people from all walks of life was wonderful. Tony Knott and his team were working with Great Energy to get help from large companies. The support of the Duke of Gloucester was a great shot in the arm.

This was followed by an amazing demonstration by a Labradoodle called Quest and Jill Ridger. Food was collected at the supermarket, the dog paying the bill, collecting clothes from the washing machine and the pressing of the panic button when his mistress fell out of the chair.

Then a tear jerking appeal by Gary Flather of O.B.C. he contracted multiple sclerosis some years ago and has lost most of his mobile facilities. Then along came Canine Partners with Gracie and life again took off, he is back at the bar and appealed to the audience to give to enable many more people like himself to get back into the community.

Certainly handkerchiefs were dabbing eyes and a lady to me was crying unashamedly. All dogs were trained by the Glamourous Nina Bondarenko.

Amongst the guests were Princess Lobonove Rostovsky, Lady Heath, Lady Strathcona, with Dog Mount Royal. John Beverage QC, Viscount Gough, Mrs Terry from the Kennel Club, Mr and Mrs David Roberts, Nicholas Edwards, Mr and Mrs Parker-Bowles, Lady Fretwell (Passports for Pets) and numerous others.

Marc Henrie ASC NUJ