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New shopping website for Crufts merchandise

Dog owners around the world recognise the Crufts name and logo and would love their dog to be associated with it. A new shopping website at is launched on August 11th containing over 100 licensed Crufts Petcare doggy products - and you don’t have to own a Supreme Champion to shop there!

Each Crufts Petcare product is unique to the market and has received the approval of the Kennel Club. There are five mini categories within the site that include bedding, grooming products, feeding accessories, toys, collars and leads with luxury gift packs for small, medium and large dogs complementing the range. The site is fun and easy to use. All first orders benefit from a 10% introductory discount and orders over £50 an extra 5% discount.

The Crufts brand represents quality, achievement and importance crossing language barriers. A unique deal has been negotiated with the Kennel Club allowing the Crufts name to appear on this unique Crufts Petcare range of over 100 quality dog accessories. Crufts Petcare products are easy to recognise in the Kennel Club’s corporate green and gold colours. They are marked with the Crufts and Kennel Club logos, and include informative text about the organisation.

The Crufts Petcare range was unveiled at Crufts 2003. The dog show is broadcast to approximately 50 countries with an estimated 27 million viewers tuning in and there is no doubt that the Crufts name will substantially raise the profile of dog accessories the world over!

Crufts is the world’s largest dog show and is organised annually by the Kennel Club. The Kennel Club is an organisation dedicated to promoting the well being of all dogs. It has a wide-ranging remit including licensing activities for dogs and their owners and is the leading authority on all aspects of responsible dog ownership. Never before has there been a shopping site dedicated to dog accessories licensed under the Crufts name!

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