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Rare ‘dog’ enters the country

Casper, the first aid dog, pictured with course tutor Rebecca Keattch and friend.

CASPER’ ENTERED the UK recently from the USA, the first of his kind in the country! He now resides at the Central School of Dog Training in Bocking, Essex. His purpose – to teach canine first aid students their ABC (airway, breathing, circulation)!

‘Casper’ is a model dog, quite literally, he has a pulse (though artificial), so that students can learn how to take a pulse on a dog, he has an airway for students to learn to give mouth to mouth, and he looks like a dog lying down for students to practice resuscitation.

‘Casper’ is the first of his kind in the UK, and is a new and unique learning tool for students attending canine first aid courses.

Rebecca Keattch, veterinary nurse and course tutor says: ‘As well as teaching students how to care for their dogs, the course is also about improving the communication between vet and client; with more awareness of their dog’s health the client will be more knowledgeable and have all the correct information for the vet, this will enable the vet to make a quicker diagnosis and treat a sick dog even more efficiently.’

Odette Geddes, ex-RSPCA supervisor and trainee dog trainer says: ‘We really want to help the vet to help dogs and their owners, there hasn’t been a course out there to help the concerned owner’.

Avril Munson, director of the Central School of Dog Training says: ‘I am delighted to offer this course to all dog owners, we pride ourselves on improving people’s knowledge of dogs and increasing their enjoyment of living with a dog, this course is a big break through for all dog owners’.

The Canine First Aid courses are offered by the Central School of Dog Training in three parts – canine health care, essential first aid and advance first aid, and commence on Sunday 6th September.