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Ruby celebrations for Jean & Jack

ABOUT SIXTY people from all walks of life met up at Whitegate Kennels, Hyde, Greater Manchester, to help Jean and Jack Taylor celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary.

Jack was quite happy to recall how he and Jean had met at a party given by Jean’s parents. Apparently, the zip on Jean’s dress had unzipped, and the ever-gallant Jack strolled over and restored her dignity. After that first encounter, Jean and Jack saw each other frequently, and just twelve months later they were married.

It was about seven years after their marriage that their first Great Dane arrived and so the Enydelet Kennels was born. Although throughout the years, Jean and Jack have flirted with other breeds, they have always kept their beloved danes.

Apart from breeding some excellent dogs, they have also managed to produce two daughters, Karen and Jayne, and now have three beautiful grandchildren, Roberta, Jack and William.

I am sure that you will join me in congratulating this warm, loving couple in still being together after 40 years, which is in itself no mean feat, and wishing them continued happiness.

Elaine MacDonald