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Greyhound welfare issues discussed with government

In a significant step forward for the welfare of racing greyhounds, members of the Greyhound Forum recently met with representatives from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

Representatives from the NCDL, Battersea Dogs’ Home and the Blue Cross have met with both DEFRA and DCMS to discuss a range of issues that could greatly enhance the welfare aspects of racing greyhounds, particularly through impending legislation in the forthcoming Animal Welfare Bill and the Gambling Bill.

Both the DCMS and DEFRA are concerned about Greyhound welfare. Both wish to include legislation either in the Gambling Bill or the Animal Welfare Bill, which should cover all tracks where Greyhounds are raced. The Greyhound Charter provides a common starting point and the welfare organisations hope that they will base their legislation on it.

Clarissa Baldwin, Secretary of the Greyhound Forum, comments: "The meeting was very encouraging, especially as the representatives shared our concern about welfare standards within the industry.

The Greyhound Welfare Charter issued last year will provide an excellent starting point for any legislation, as it covers the welfare of the racing dogs from cradle to grave. It is apparent that so much more needs to be done to improve conditions for these noble dogs, and having the backing of the government is a good step in the right direction."