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National Action Weekend 6-7th September 2003

As part of an ongoing summer campaign against a hunting ban, the weekend of 6th-7th September 2003 will be a National Action Weekend for the countryside. Everyone who supports liberty and tolerance is being urged to buy and display banners to show the strength of support for hunting in the lead up to the Hunting Bill’s Second Reading in the House of Lords on 16th September.

The weekend is being co-ordinated by the Countryside Alliance’s Action Office and all banners, posters and stickers can be ordered from them.

Simon Hart, Director of the Campaign for Hunting commented: "59% of people want hunting to continue, and this weekend is a great way of turning that percentage into action. As part of our campaign an overwhelming display of banners and posters will show the cohesion and determination to fight unjust and vindictive attacks on the rural way of life.

We will show the House of Lords that this is an issue of liberty and we trust that they will take note of our campaign. If you can help plaster the countryside with banners and posters, please contact the action office – you can even get a team of "posterers" together to help with this mammoth nationwide task".