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Miss Elinor M B Powell (Bryad)

Elinor Powell who died on August 20th at 89 years old was a remarkable lady. Born at the start of World War One she contacted TB of the spine when she was 2 years old from unpasteurised milk and spent the next 4 years strapped to metal frame from which she did not get off. Looked after by her Mother who had to go out to work as father was away in the navy she dreamt of having a dog. When she got off the frame she had to learn how to walk again just like a baby. She was given a Pomeranian when she was 13 but bought her first Pekingese in 1936 when her prefix Bryad was registered at the Kennel Club.

During the war she was in the Intelligence Service and had a lot to do with censorship signing the Official Secrets Act. She spent the rest of her working life as Civil servant not letting her disability interfere and worked her way up to a senior management post.

As the air raids had ceased in the Manchester area by 1944 she bought two Pekingese bitches from the famous Alderbourne kennel travelling down south by train and bus which in those days took many hours. She bred Pekes until 1955 when a very bad dose of Hardpad wiped out a litter and upset her and her mother too much to carry on. Later she bred Italian Greyhounds and although only winning reserve CCs travelled up and down the country by public transport to shows.

She judged her first show in 1949 for the British Peke and gave her first set of CCs in 1954 at Manchester. She judged the first Italian Greyhound show in this country in 1961 with a record entry which still stands today.

Administration was her real forte and she took over Stockport Toydog when it was part of Oldham Toydog and had £2-10shillings in the bank after the war and built it up to a successful society of which she was Secretary for nearly 40 years. At the time of her death she was President as she was for the British peke where she had been on the committee for over 55 years.She was the president of the Bolognese Club where she had been since the start.

She judged three breeds at Crufts,Pekes Italians and Griffons and had judged the Toy group at champ. show on numerous occasions.

She retired from judging in 1999 after 50 years.

She was breed note writer for Italian greyhounds for over 20 years for Our Dogs and was the longest serving breed note writer for Dog World having been writing the Pekingese notes since 1951.

She was a partner with myself in the first Bolognese male to be imported into this country as she was always interested in dogs and although felt it was unfair to have one due to her age and health still wanted the Bryad prefix to be active.

Only four days before her sudden death she wanted the news from the Welsh Kennel Club so she could do her notes.

Not a person who had achieved high honours in dogs but one of the workers who had plodded on for years making up the grass roots of dogdom.

The funeral will be on Monday 1st. September at Dean Row Chapel, Chapel Lane, Wilmslow at 1pm. Further enquiries from funeral directors Albert Slack 01625-525063.
Liz Stannard

THE BRITISH Pekingese Club and the Italian Greyhound Club have lost a great supporter in Miss Elinor Powell, who passed away in hospital, following some months in a nursing home, on August 20th 2003 aged 89.

Elinor had been President of the British Pekingese Club for many years and was an Hon Life Member of the Italian Greyhound Club. She first joined the British in 1938 after registering her first Pekingese in 1936. At one time she was Secretary of Stockport Toydog Association, which attracted her to many other toy breeds including Griffons, which I know she greatly admired.

Two Peke bitches were purchased from the Alderbournes in 1944, and in 1948 Mrs Quigley (USA) came over on the Queen Mary to judge the BPC Championship show held that year at the famous Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool. There were 233 entries made by 134 dogs with no absentees, and Elinor’s homebred dog Bryad Cantoi won the RCC to Ch Ku Chi of Caversham.

It was in 1949 she judged her first open show for the British, the start of what was to be 45 years of judging which would include Crufts and one of the British Championship Shows.

It was Hindley Taylor (Kyratown) who introduced Elinor to the British when at that time committee meetings were held in Manchester on a Wednesday afternoon. It was in 1946 we first met Elinor at one of these meetings and when we first became members of the club; as time went on Joyce became the secretary, a position she held for many years during which time we all worked well together. There is no doubt Miss Powell had a wealth of experience in all matters relating to dogs, especially the toy variety, having a good memory, a most pleasing personality which made her a very popular president of the British before her health made it impossible for her to carry on.

Speaking on behalf of the BPC I know we shall miss Elinor, and there is no doubt her association with the club will be remembered for a long time to come.

Jack Mitchell