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"These boots were made for walking!"

The Forth Road Bridge will be even busier than usual on Sunday 21 September, for at least 100 German Shepherd Dogs and their owners will be taking part in a walk across it.

The walk is being organised by German Shepherd Rescue UK, whose volunteers work to rescue and rehome dogs, provide advice to owners of German Shepherds and campaign to end puppy farming and irresponsible breeding. GSD Rescue UK also promotes responsible dog ownership, through their neutering programme. They rehome nearly 200 dogs every year, and they rely on the support of their volunteers and donations from the public to continue their work.

It is not a sponsored walk - but donations for the Rescue will be gratefully received on the day itself. The walk is about raising the profile of Rescue Organisation and to raise awareness of the breed. Last year, nearly 100 dogs and their owners joined in, so this year they are hoping for even more people to take part.

If you have a German Shepherd Dog, then please come along on 21 September. To find out more about the walk and for a registration form, please contact Pam Walker on 01236-875178 as soon as possible.

More information about GSD Rescue UK, including details of dogs which are currently needing new homes, please visit our website -