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Tali - The First PAT Dog in Switzerland

Pets As Therapy are delighted to announce the registration of the first PAT dog in Switzerland.

Tali, a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog is owned by Amanda Raby and will visit regularly in Geneva at 'Clair Bois' a home for children with multi handicaps.

Tali was assessed when Maureen Hennis, Pets As Therapy Director visited Geneva on a recent visit organised by Iams, and spoke to many professionals who were interested in Animal Assisted Therapy.

In January Roxane Nardone who works for Iams in Geneva, hopes to become an accredited temperament assessor for Pets As Therapy as well as becoming Area Co-ordinator for Geneva. Maureen Hennis said "We know there is huge interest in the work of Pets As Therapy in Switzerland and it is hoped that Tali is only the first of many PAT dogs who will provide Animal Assisted Therapy in Homes and Hospitals throughout Switzerland".

The Pets As Therapy policies and procedures are exactly the same in Switzerland as they are in the U.K. and all administration for PAT dogs in Switzerland is managed at the Pets As Therapy offices in the U.K.

Tali has already visited at 'Clair Bois' and the home manager was delighted with the beneficial reaction of the children.