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Happy hunting on Boxing Day

On 26th December, across the UK, hunts will welcome hundreds of thousands of supporters to their Boxing Day meets, and the Countryside Alliance are planning to make it the biggest day’s hunting in history.

Hunts across the country are working to make sure that more people than ever before join them on Boxing Day. Every hunt is advertising details of their meet and extending an open invitation for everyone to join them to take part in a celebration which has remained unchanged for centuries, watch the work of hounds and huntsman, and work off the excesses of Christmas Day.

Countryside Alliance Chief Executive, Simon Hart, said: "Hunts are proud of their way of life and the good they do for our countryside, wildlife, communities and the rural economy. That is why they encourage people to join them, not just on Boxing Day but throughout the year, and why more people are hunting now than ever before".

A full list of the Boxing Day meets of Foxhounds, Beagles, Harriers, Staghounds and Draghounds across the country can be found at