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More chances for Group Judges to ‘hit the ring’

IN LINE with its stated policy of fast-tracking or facilitating the appointment of ‘new’ group judges at general championship shows the Kennel Club has announced the introduction of a new policy.

The policy, thought to have been approved of it principle some time ago, has been amending accordingly:- ‘It is felt that Group judges should award CCs in at least 20% of the Challenge Certificate breeds within the Group. It was amended as follows: -

‘Gundog, Hound & Terrier Groups – 5 breeds (4 breeds unconnected)
‘Utility, Toy & Pastoral Groups – 4 breeds (all unconnected)
‘Working Group – 3 breeds (all unconnected).
‘BIS – 1 Group and breeds from 2 other Groups. Must have a minimum of 7 CC breeds in total and at least 1 breed from 2 Groups other than that for which the judge is approved.’

The Kennel Club press release was issued on Thursday December 11th.

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