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TWO LANCASHIRE pensioners were overjoyed to be reunited with their beloved pet dog recently, thanks to Petlog, the Kennel Club Pet Identification Service. The couple, from Parbold, near Wigan, had their Jack Russell pet returned to them, more than seven seeks after he had been stolen from their garden.

The pair, who wish to remain anonymous, had registered their one year old bitch with Petlog to help re-unification in case of an emergency, a decision they are now greatly thankful for.

The dog disappeared in October, but was discovered this week wandering by fields in Haydock, 15 miles away. She was picked up by the local dog warden from neighbouring St Helens, who scanned her for a microchip and was the able to check her home address.

Said the owners: ‘We can’t describe te feeling when we saw her again, we’ve never been so happy in all our lives – unless you’ve had a dog it’s very hard to explain. When she came back, she was a bit dirty and grimy, but apart from that, she was in good health. They’d actually even clipped her toenails!’.

They continued’ ‘I would definitely recommend people have their dogs microchipped, as I don’t think we would have got her back otherwise. It’s certainly the best Christmas present we could have wished for’.

The incident is the latest example of the success of the Petlog scheme. Over 2,000,000 pets have been microchipped as part of the scheme, which is integral in helping a large number of lost and stolen pets to be reunited with their owners.

Said Caroline Kisco; ‘The Kennel Club are delighted to hear of the great success and peace of mind Petlog has given to these owners, especially during this festive season. We hope the owners enjoy a fantastic Christmas with their beloved Jack Russell, which they might not have had if they hadn’t realised the importance of pet identification.