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Irish Kennel Club’s International show

Hound, Gundog, Utility and Toy breeds will be judged on Saturday, March 20th - Terrier, Working and Pastoral breeds, Obedience and Agility on Sunday March 21st.

In order to comply with FCI rules for International Championship Shows all breeds recognised by the FCI must afforded the opportunity to compete for the title of International Beauty Champion and to facilitate this the Any Variety Class in each Group is being replaced by a class entitled Breeds Not Separately Listed.

Entries received in this class will be divided into breed sections with a class for dogs aged 6 to 12 months and two classes for each sex (aged 12 to 15 months and over 15 months). If, in the opinion of the judge, any eligible and unbeaten dog is of sufficient quality it may be awarded CACIB, Green Star and Best of Breed and enter in the Group.

When entries have been received judges for these classes will be allocated by the Show Promoting Body and exhibitors informed when they are sent their ring numbers.

Exhibitors may enter On-line by logging on to for further information and to download an entry form.