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The Scottish Kennel Club forges ahead

The Scottish Kennel Club has moved decisively to cover the vacant positions following the resignations of its Secretary General and Office Manager.
Advertisements have been placed in the Edinburgh press to replace those departing. The large number of responses will be reviewed over the Christmas period and interviews held early in the New Year. At its meeting on 17 December, the Executive Council agreed to hold a Special General Meeting on 9 January 2004 in order to report to members and a venue is currently being organised, following which members will be notified.

Secretary General
At a recent meeting, the Executive Council asked the Convener and Vice-Convener to supervise the day–to-day running of the office pending completion of the advertised search. This will help ensure that the regulatory aspects of the Club are maintained and they will work in conjunction with a small team of volunteers from the Executive Council whose role is to maintain the Club’s key systems and processes. The Club has also attracted volunteers from within its membership to help run the office until the new staff arrive.

The Scottish Kennel Club is delighted to announce the appointment of Brian Marshall B.Com., C.A., as Treasurer, to be reviewed following the Annual General Meeting. In addition to being a Chartered Accountant, Brian is well known in the world of dogs, being Secretary of The Irish Setter Club of Scotland and a regular exhibitor. Brian is a Life Member of SKC and previously served on the Executive Council for a number of years.

Commenting on the appointment, Robert Crawford said: ‘I am very pleased with these arrangements which will give us the confidence to move into the New Year firing on all cylinders. I am especially delighted to welcome someone of the calibre and experience of Brian Marshall. He brings his obvious accountancy skills which, combined with his knowledge of dogs, makes him an ideal person to be in charge of our Treasury function.’

The Executive Council elected Willie Campbell as Show Manager in succession to Allan Sim. Willie has worked alongside Allan for a number of years and is an excellent choice to provide a seamless transition.

Tom Johnstone was elected Chief Steward in succession to Chris Holmes who will remain as Tom’s Deputy to provide a period of continuity. CouncilThe Scottish Kennel Club
forges ahead thanked Chris for the many years she has filled that post and was most grateful for her service.

The remainder of the positions remain unaltered ie: Andy Kousourou Obedience Co-ordinator and Chief Obedience Steward; Peter Elms Agility Co-ordinator and Agility Competition Manager; Gwen Matear; Working Trials Co-ordinator; John Gray Working Trials Manager.

Looking ahead
Commenting on the forthcoming Special General Meeting, Robert Crawford said: ‘I welcome the opportunity to explain the recent events to all of our members as they will be able to hear at first hand why certain actions have been taken.

‘I urge all members who support a new beginning to attend the Special General Meeting to ensure their voice is heard and not drowned out by a vociferous minority.’