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Pedigree Stakes’ Finals 2003 - Part 1

Special guests at the occasion were te owners of the Crufts BIS winner from Norway. Our photo shows Mr & Mrs Glenna proudly admiring the front cover of OUR DOGS Annual

Sally Richards of Pedigree making the presentation to Liz Dunhill and her Veteran Stakes winner, the 101/2 year old ‘Smartie’

Alec Pinkerton (left) takes a break alongside the event’s official photographer, John Hartley. Watch out John, what does that notice say in the background? (Just in case you can’t read it, it’s pointing John in towards the exercise area – no comment!)’

Dressed for the occasion were Mrs Val Cumsty and Liz Stannard, Leeds Secretary

Popular junior handler who won the hearts of the crowd was this young man from Swindon, Daniel Petrie, together with his German Shepherd

Maria Swift relaxes after ther day’s work, together with Howard Robins, who was once more our compare for the evening

Guests at the Pedigree event included (from Blackpool), Peter & Peggy Bailey (left) and Mr & Mrs Steve Hall