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Pedigree Stakes’ Finals 2003 - Part 2

The Champions’ Stakes final: judge Mrs M Everton, Peter Groves of Masterfoods and third place Cannell, Grant & Crummey’s American Cocker Spaniel Sh Ch Afterglow Arrabella handled by Mike Gadsby

Geoff Corish puts final touches to Ron Ramsays Kerry Blue Ch Torums Tunde Bayou

No, not Bernard and Rosemary Hall, but the dynamic duo of Andrew Brace and Norman Ziman. Watch out Andrew, Norman’s on the loose again with that glass of water! And get well soon Bernard!

The packed stands enjoyed a great afternoon’s judging and showing

Also there representing Blackpool was Mrs Hilda Parkinson (chairman), pictured here with Blackpool president, Mr Vince Hogan. Photo not taken by Vince Hogan!

From l-r: Michael Coad, Lee Cox, Gary Upton, Mrs Pauline Gibbs and Roger Stone

Mrs Olga Bullock, Mrs Margaret Backhouse and Jim Outterside from Leeds show