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Wiveliscombe Ringcraft Club’s 8th Annual Supermatch

Wiveliscombe Ringcraft Club held its eighth annual Supermatch in very pleasant surroundings at the Bridgwater Sports and Social Club on Saturday 11 January. The event is contested by 14 Canine Societies, who from their own competitions send forward one adult dog and one puppy to this grand final. Splendidly organised by the Hon Secretary Sally Wyatt and her Committee, the title Supermatch is well deserved.

Unfortunately the judge designated was unable to complete her journey, I was therefore pleased to accept the invitation to be the replacement judge.

The event began with a parade of qualifiers, each introduced with a brief breed history ably given by Susan Cottrell, all seven groups were represented among the high quality dogs present, all behaved immaculately as they did throughout the evening. Some contestants had a round trip exceeding 150 miles, the heat winners originating from the Bristol area to Plymouth and many places in between.

Winning the puppy competition was the super Papillon Serenglade Wings of Victory for Inixia owned by Mrs S Stanbury, qualifying from the Exeter and County CS event. A quite delightful dog so full of life who used his magnificent ears beautifully. Pressed hard by the runner-up Mr M Masters’ Cocker Spaniel Manchela Evergreen, another high quality youngster so soundly constructed, who, won the Taunton & DCA qualifier.

Top Adult and BIM was the Whippet Arjuna Joie de Vivre, owned by Ms L Clarke who qualified from the Plymouth & DCS round - besides having all the attributes you expect of the breed never put a foot wrong all night. Again pressed hard by the runner up Mrs L Smith’s Siberian Husky Nairebis Astra Khan who came from the Okehampton & DCS round. Strongly but not heavily built exuded all the grace coupled with power that the breed is renowned for, remained alert at all times, super specimen.

As well as the perpetual trophies generous prize money and superb rosettes had been individually sponsored and substantial food prizes given by Roger Skinner Ltd and James Wellbeloved.

My particular thanks to Rodney Wyatt the Steward in the ring and Tim Lewis and Doug Richardson who organised the faultless flow of competitors, also to the President Arthur Fisher for his work and kind words.

The event concluded with an excellent four-course meal in convivial company and during the meal we were able to view the photographs of the event taken by Norman Thompson. An altogether memorable evening. My thanks to the competitors and officials alike.

John Steel